Gun Racks for Four Wheelers: UTV Gun Rack Ideas

September 3, 2023  
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ATVs and UTVs are a must have when walking in with gear is not a viable option. Both types of vehicles are popular with ranchers, hunters, and law enforcement. Driving and working around these vehicles while armed imposes certain limitations and nuances. There are many gun racks out on the market and some research on the compatibility between rack and vehicle will be necessary. Consider some of these rack ideas centered around the increasingly popular UTV platform for some inspiration.


Being safer, more versatile, and more comfortable than ATVs, the utility task vehicle (UTV) has become extremely popular in recent years. Exemplified by the Polaris Ranger and seating from two to six people (depending on configuration), UTVs are largely replacing four-wheelers for hunters, ranchers, and other outdoorsmen. UTVs are adaptable vehicles, retaining the maneuverability of an ATV while transporting more passengers and gear over a long distance. They can transport their riders farther, faster, and with all the gear they need. UTVs can also transport game back out of the woods safely and easily.

tracker utv

UTVs are increasingly popular with hunters, ranchers, and law enforcement. They are a more stable riding platform and carry more cargo than the typical four wheeler.–BBC

Law enforcement and other public safety agencies are also taking advantage of UTVs, both in rural and urban settings. They are fantastic tools for supporting outdoor operations like manhunts, getting officers to their destination quickly, with everything they need to do the job when they arrive. UTVs are outstanding resources at large public gatherings, moving much faster than an officer can move on foot with much more equipment. UTVs can haul riot-control gear, breaching tools, medical equipment, or whatever else is necessary for the mission at hand.


One of the major advantages of using a UTV is the amount of equipment it can carry. Rather than burden an individual with carrying all of his or her own equipment, plus dividing up team/group gear, a UTV can haul all that weight for you, leaving you ready to work or play when you get there. Mission, as they say, drives the gear train, so your purpose for being outdoors will dictate what you carry. Let’s take a look at some of the equipment you are likely to have on board.

You very likely have firearms – hunting rifles, shotguns, tactical rifles, or maybe a “just-in-case” gun – along for the unexpected. A gun rack can store guns while keeping them accessible and clean. It also greatly reduces the chances of the trigger being pulled inadvertently by a piece of kit in the trigger guard.

It is also a very good idea to have some emergency equipment onboard when venturing away from support. Accidents, injuries, and the unexpected all happen – you need to have the gear to deal with the unforeseen. Stuff like medical gear and fire extinguishers should be universal equipment on UTVs. If you’re venturing far into the backcountry a survival kit contained in a utility pouch wouldn’t be a bad idea, along with some flashlights, water bottles, and vehicle recovery equipment.

You may also want some tools – tools for on-trail repairs, or for you digging yourself out if you venture a little too far off-trail. You may also have miscellaneous gear like tow straps, ratchet straps, and other essentials that need to be stored somewhere. Then, of course, there’s the standard compliment of coolers, tents, and miscellaneous stuff. All this stuff can take up precious space, so organization is just as important as maintaining easy access.


utv gun rack assembly

Chances are that you will be doing chores using your UTV. Having a long gun is not a priority, but for those situations where one is necessary, a UTV gun rack can make it happen with the least amount of inconvenience in terms of both weight and space.

A high-quality UTV gun rack is literally a game changer on a UTV where space is at a premium. What can seem like a lot of space can be taken up in a hurry once you start adding people and gear.

Known for our efficient truck gun racks and tactical storage solutions, Grey Man Tactical has designed the best UTV gun rack with strength, support, and customization in mind. Our patented Rigid MOLLE Panels™️ are an excellent addition to any UTV. They will help you make the most of the space you have, and offer several other benefits.

First, a heavy-duty, RMPX™️ system allows you to mount critical gear in the vertical space behind the seats of a UTV. This converts otherwise unused space into functional storage and leaves more room in the back for coolers, camping gear, and other bulky, mission-essential gear. Since your critical gear is organized, you don’t have to go digging for it – it’s there when you need it. Depending on your vehicle, RMPX™️ can also be utilized as an overhead gun rack. Mounting your gear to the roof of your UTV is another way to keep gear up and out of the way.

Rigid MOLLE Panels™️ are durable. They won’t fade and degrade from sunlight the way nylon will. They don’t absorb water from rain, snow, and ambient humidity, and they won’t sag in the heat of summer. Cleaning them up is as simple as wiping them down. Grey Man Tactical’s RMP™️ will last under the harshest conditions.

Our UTV gun rack system even features our new and improved RMPX™️. Our RMPX™️ series features powder-coated aluminum for the ultimate level of durability while out on the job.

You can trust your gear to our Rigid MOLLE Panels™️. Rather than having your expensive rifles and other stuff bouncing around the back, the RMP™️ secures equipment, holding it in place. This prevents it from getting scratched and banged up. This also ensures that it won’t fall out of the rig on the trail, risking further damage or even loss. It is also a much safer way to carry your loaded firearms while keeping them easily accessible.

Unlike plastic storage gun cases or cluttered gun bags, RMP™️ keeps your long guns accessible. With our options for mounting long guns – including rubber rifle clamps and multi-purpose straps – your rifles and shotguns are within easy reach. Not only are they easily accessible, but they can also be accessed in a hurry with quick-release features. You can mount a lot more than just rifles. Rigid MOLLE Panels™️ can accept any MOLLE accessory with the use of our universal straps like the Hook & Loop Cinch Straps or the WTFix Straps. This leaves plenty of room for magazine pouches, shotgun shells, medical gear, and whatever else you need to store.


When it comes to UTV storage solutions, Grey Man Tactical’s RMP™️ really is truly the most reliable and effective option. RMP™️ is a mountable, rigid panel that accepts MOLLE accessories. Our RMPs are trusted by the U.S. Military and law enforcement agencies all over the country.

The #701 UTV Dual Horizontal Gun Rack is specifically designed for mounting behind the passenger compartment of a UTV. It includes a mounting kit making installation fast, easy, and secure. It also includes a set of rubber rifle clamps, a large utility pouch, and 8 multi-purpose straps, making it ready to use, right out of the box.

One of the great parts about our Pre-Configured Packages is the ability to customize the systems with additional pieces. You can really add whatever mounting solutions will best fit your mission at hand whether that be a bow rack, additional gun holder, pistol holster, or universal mounting straps. It is the most reliable UTV gun rack and the ideal solution for people who work and recreate on UTVs.

If the vertical mount on the roll cage behind the rear doesn’t suit your needs, Rigid MOLLE Panels are extremely adaptable. They can be mounted in any orientation to virtually any hard surface.


The #701 UTV Dual Horizontal Gun Rack still leaves plenty of room for more gear. It consists of two Rigid MOLLE Panels™️ from our RMPX™️ series. This series is manufactured with our powder-coated aluminum, the ultimate, heavy-duty material for an unmatched level of durability. They can be used individually or in tandem for attaching long items and functioning as a gun storage rack.

Grey Man Tactical offers a MOLLE attachment to serve nearly every need. We feature magazine pouches, including single-, double-, and triple-magazine pouches for AR-pattern magazines, allowing you to keep your rifle fed and running. You can also attach a full medical kit or a tourniquet holder, allowing quick access to lifesaving equipment. Using multi-purpose straps you can mount just about anything you need, from breaching tools (to include our very own mechanical breaching kit) to recovery equipment like shovels and axes. RMP™️ will hold your gear, all while keeping it secure, yet within easy reach.

You can also attach a variety of utility pouches. These are ideal for the storage of tools, tow straps, and other miscellaneous essentials. They can be used for survival gear, flashlights, or just for snacks. And don’t forget a fire extinguisher mount anytime you are operating machinery outdoors.

If your needs aren’t met by something sold through Grey Man Tactical, your existing MOLLE pouches and attachments also integrate seamlessly. Our Rigid MOLLE Panels™️ have attachments that fit standard MOLLE equipment making them versatile and adaptable to your needs.


Utility Task Vehicles are a game-changer for hunters, campers, off-roaders, and law enforcement and public safety personnel. They are seen all over the country, being used for all sorts of purposes. You can give your UTV even more utility by adding a Rigid MOLLE Panel™️ system to help manage your mission essential equipment – whether your mission is apprehending a bad guy, extricating an injured hiker, or hunting a trophy elk.

Grey Man Tactical’s RMPX™️ is the best in the business, bar none. Rugged, robust, and dependable, these tools are meant for professionals and are meant to last a lifetime. Don’t buy junk and replace it next season; buy right the first time and have peace of mind that your UTV is equipped with the ideal storage solution money can buy.

Grey Man Tactical’s RMPX™️ isn’t just for UTVs. We offer systems and customizable solutions that are also available for mounting MOLLE-compatible gear on a stable platform inside backpacks, on seatbacks of carsunder trunk lids, and under folding rear seatsCheck out what we have to offer, and set yourself, your hunting crew, or your team up with the best.


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