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P-40 Classic Gen.2 Pants
September 16, 2020  
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UF PRO has officially released a revision of its Classic P-40 Tactical Pants. We introduce to you now the P-40 Classic Gen.2! UF Pro said they’re going for better performance with their reinvented classic. A pair of pants that’s meant to have superior performance in fit, comfort, and function.

US Pro tactical pants - P40 Classic Gen2 knee protection

“We took the best characteristics of the original P-40 design and construction, then expanded upon them by incorporating a variety of improvements that we believe will make our customers eager to switch from old to new.”

-Armin Wagner, head of UF PRO product development

UF Pro P40 Classic G2 boothooks

Wagner told us the comfort feature of the classic P-40 carries over to the Gen.2.

But with that, they also present a few new features. According to UF PRO, these features include better durability, improved pocket design, a redesigned cut, enhanced knee sections, and superior comfort.

UF Pro tactical pants Classic G2 knee protection

“The P-40 Classic Gen.2 is built with a seam-overlapping technique that reduces the amount of what are known as critical points—the places where the pants could conceivably get caught on a sharp object. With fewer places for snags to happen, there is minimized potential for the pants to rip. Also, this technique lends itself to an overall structurally firmer design.”  -Wagner

UF Pro Classic G2 tactical pants back pockets

Look at these Pockets!

If you’re looking for more than comfort and durability, you’ll also find what they say are generously sized pockets. There are also thigh-pockets with an elastic interior to better secure any personal items you might want to carry.

UF Pro tactical Pants P40 Classic Gen 2 side pockets

UF Pro tactical pants P40 Classic G2 undercover pocket

There are also larger rear Schoeller-dynamic stretch panels in the newly designed cut. With that cut, you’ll also find pockets at the knees so that you can add extra cushion or protective pads.

If you want to purchase these pants, you can do so for 139€ ($163.73). Yes, a little pricey, but according to Wagner, not only do you get superior comfort but “The liner is effective even in sub-zero temperatures. This is why we’re describing the level of comfort afforded by this second-generation garment as best-in-class.”

UF Pro Classic G2 windstopper liner tactical pants

If the price hasn’t dissuaded you, then you should know you can also purchase the UF Pro P-40 Classic Gen.2 Tactical Pants in a variety of colors: Kangaroo, Black, Navy Blue, and Brown Grey.

UF Pro P40 Classic G2 tactical pants - comfort

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