TruckVault Hits Us With 10 Reasons Why

TruckVault Storage system in Ford F150 - Police Skagit SWAT.
| May 15, 2020
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TruckVault recently released a listicle on the 10 reasons why you should buy a TruckVault storage system.

Say what you want about listicles or even marketing articles but we appreciate straight forward marketing. TruckVault makes a product. People ask, “why should I buy it?” The company answers with ten easy reasons why.

To hell with all that subtle marketing BS that slightly alludes to buying a product a company produces. It’s supposed to appear modest, but to hell with that. Scream it loud and proud.

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TruckVault doesn’t just tell you to buy a gun safe for your truck. They tell you to buy a Truckvault and then list the reasons why you should. 

TruckVault Ford F150 Raptor

10 Reasons Why 

TruckVault has been selling these damn things for 25 years so they can do it right. We ain’t gonna pour over this whole list and do a 1 for 1 repeat of it, but here is a quick rundown of a few reasons why you should buy a TruckVault. 

  1. Heavy Duty Locks
  2. Prevents Harmful Moisture (Just like you do with women) 
  3. Protects for Dust and Dirt
  4. Stronger and Lighter 
  5. Fire Resistance
  6. Protection from Theft and Break-Ins
  7. One for any vehicle
  8. Easy Installation 
  9. Custom Capabilities 
  10. Lifetime Warranty 

Besides just laying out ten reasons, TruckVault explains exactly what they mean. They even provide links to videos and options and all sorts of other stuff. Give the list a full look and see what you think.

A Truckvault is a must-have if you insist on a truck gun, because if you ain’t locking it up in some way then someone is going to snatch it eventually. 

TruckVault storage system in SUV - officer operating drone.

I believe in two absolutes. The first is that people are generally good. The second is that only idiots leave guns unsecured in their vehicles. Leaving a gun in your car unsecured is the equivalent of spending time in Thailand without a prophylactic. 

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