TriggrCon: Tactical Research Innovation Guns Gear Review

Founded and ruled with an iron fist by Khan John Hwang, TriggrCon is one of the biggest and by far one of the best firearms- and tactics-related conventions or industry shows in the country.


Tactical Research Innovation Guns Gear Review

As you can see, the full name is quite a mouthful (that’s what she said), so we’ll just be sticking with the acronym. Triggrcon is a 3 day event in Bellevue, Washington. It includes both a range day and a block of time reserved for media and industry attendees, while the final 2 days for enthusiasts. In its own words, TriggrCon “…showcases the newest, most innovative companies and products in the tactical firearms industry.” The number of convention exhibitors and attendees is restricted each year in order to maintain an intimate and exclusive environment.

Full conceal folding Glock at TRIGGRcon 2017

TriggerCon 2017

Formerly NW Shooting Sports Expo

TriggrCon 2017 was actually the first triggercon TriggrCon. Before that, it was the North West Shooting Sports Expo. Companies like Battle Arms, Falkor Defense, Vortex Optics, and others were present, as were some four thousand people. TriggrCon 2017 was held in Tacoma, Washington.

TriggrCon’s organizers described the change thusly:

“We will be changing the name from NWSSE to TRIGGRCON (Tactical Research Innovation Guns and Gear Review Convention) to better reflect the atmosphere and purpose of the event. TRIGGRCON is an exclusive selection of the top, innovative small arms companies and auxiliary manufacturers showcasing their new products and accessories. Manufacturer selection will be by invitation only and limited to an intimate number not to exceed 150 companies. There will be a media range day for live fire demonstrations and show times that are reserved strictly for media. TRIGGRCON is also open to the general public during all other show times so enthusiasts can have direct access to the elite manufacturers that participate in the show.”

riggrCon 2017 - BreachBangClear

TriggerCon 2018

Moving from Tacoma to Bellevue

TriggrCon 2018 saw the show move from Tacoma to Bellevue.
TriggrCon 2017 - BreachBangClear

Nothing else quite like it in the area

Although there’s nothing else exactly like it in the area, there are shows and conventions that are similar. They include, among others, the following:

• Spokane Gun Show

• Washington Arms Collectors

• Puyallup Gun Show

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