Trails Found: the Border Breed

| August 7, 2016
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Trails Found: the crew of Breach-Bang-Clear is hitting the road and taking the field soon, en route to a media gathering we put together to train with one of the last of what has been called the “old Border Breed”, in the desert of Arizona. It’s an event destined to go down in the history of mankind as one to rival Sławomir Rawicz’s walk across Siberia, the robbery of the 1889 robbery of the Overland Flyer No. 1, the theft of Pancho Villa’s head, Empress Messalina’s orgy, and even the Subjugation of the Rabbit of Caerbannog.

In short, it is going to be appallingly awesome.


Jim Grasky, unknown photo credit.

We’ll be rallying in the Dragoon Mountains east of Tucson with a few writers, photographers, and videographers we invited from several other worthy publications. So far that list includes contributors from RECOIL Magazine, AmmoLand, Iron Mike, OFFGRID, Concealment, Firelance Media, Survival Quarterly, Women’s Outdoor News and we’re not entirely sure who else1.

There we will be doing some “Weaponize the Senses” training with Freddy Osuna of Greenside and our own Chief Editor, David Reeder, but mostly we’ll be learning from none other than Mr. Jim Grasky of Trails Found. Grasky is a decorated early Vietnam War era SF soldier (demolitions/combat engineer), a former smokejumper, a founder of the USBP’s BORTAC unit and quite simply one of the handful of finest trackers and horsemen on the continent. Maybe the world.

That’s not hyperbole. Do some research, you’ll see.


Jim Grasky – photograph by Matt Stagliano/Firelance Media.

His program is called A Horse is a Village, because he likens proper horsemanship to a FID mission. Over the course of several days we and our media counterparts will be tracking, trailing, riding, animal packing, improvised E&E on horseback, SOF horseback basics, lessons learned from Tom Jeffers, Cochise, and Apache Scout operations during the Apache Campaign, BTAC (Battlefield Tactical Acuity) and of course some shooting. We’ll be working in terrain from the Dragoons to Cochise’s Stronghold, some parts of the Coronado National Forest and at least one remote stretch of the the US-Mexico border, so it should be interesting.

Grasky has taught people from a wide array of backgrounds, from the DOJ, USSOCOM, and JSOC, to the Khyber Rifles and other foreign elements working with the International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program (ICITAP); most of his students are young enough to be his grandchildren, but he can still ride or walk them into the ground. He developed the Rural Border Patrol Operations (RBPO) program for the Dept. of State’s Anti-Terrorism Assistance Program and was the course developer for the USBP’s Agent Survival Program.It’s an exciting (if sobering) opportunity to train with a legitimate, old-school American hero of what they used to to call the “Border Breed,” and you can rest assured we’ll be telling you all about it in weeks to come.

Jim Grasky 3

Trails Found is online here, though we’ll warn you in advance, little about the website will do much to convey the breadth of Grasky’s skill and experience.

Monitor this frequency for further updates.


Jim Grasky talking about tracks in an urban environment. Photo by Matt Stagliano/Firelance Media

1 Breach-Bang-Clear minions have contributed to (and many continue to contribute to) a wide array of industry publications, including Tactics and Preparedness Magazine,, Defense Tech, Soldier Systems Daily, US News & World Report, SOFREP, Police One, Guns & Ammo, American Rifleman, Popular Mechanics, G&A Book of Personal Defense, G&A Pistol, Knife Journal, Gun Digest, Combat Handguns, Gunslingers of the Old West, Gunslingers of the Gangster Era, Forgotten Weapons, Modern Service Weapons, American Handgunner,, Police Net, El Tiro Tactical (Spain), Apocalypse Equipped (Australia), Frag Out (Poland), RECOIL, OFFGRID, Concealed Carry Magazine, Strategy and Tactics Press, Black Belt, Law Enforcement Today, Tactical Weapons, Soldier of Fortune, SWAT, SWAT Digest, The New Rifleman, Task & Purpose, Monderno, World of Firepower, Modern Arms, Ballistic, Book of the AR, Book of the AK, CONCEALMENT, Iron Mike, The Truth About Guns, Survival Quarterly, SureFire’s Combat Annual, Combat Arms, AmmoLand, Personal Defense Network, Tactical Fanboy, the IMFDB newsletter, Tactical World, Saber & Scroll Journal, innumerable forums, lots of T-Barriers in Iraq and Afghanistan and at least one really nasty plastic port-a-shitter in the Horn of Africa. They have also appeared on or in Fox News Business, many local news stories, the Wallstreet Journal, Vice, Focus magazine (Germany) and Rolling Stone. Thus, there is no knowing exactly who may show up at the last minute, or where their articles and photos may alight.

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