The Sound of Silence | Blue Lives Matter

sound of silence blue version
| December 23, 2018
Categories: People

Today’s post unabashedly honors the Thin Blue Line. It is brought to you in its entirety by SureFire.

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The preemptive castigation and presumptive excoriation of cops continue in every mixed-race OIS (Officer Involved Shooting) you see. Context, tactics, ground truth…little if any of it matters if there’s a sensational headline to be had. Righteous shoot, fucked up shoot, facts don’t matter. Perception is what matters, and that perception is all too often contrived or manipulated.

It’s a wonder the academies are getting any recruits at all. Another ten years of this, maybe they won’t.

In any case, we missed this when it first came out. Some of you may also have missed it, so we figured we’d share it tonight as we all go into the weekend. Be safe, stay dangerous.

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Oh, yeah…grunts: castigate and excoriate.

The original song, for those of you who aren’t familiar with the history, was written by Paul Simon, recorded in March of ’64 and released that October on the album Wednesday Morning, 3 AM. It was later remixed, re-released, and hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in January of ’66.

Disturbed’s cover of the song is pretty much as awesome as it could possibly be — this video, recorded by the officers of a municipal police department in Texas, makes it even better. The best part of it all? The band publicly approved.

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  1. Randy Shaum

    Thank you for posting this! Our oldest son is a LEO here in Central Texas. My heart breaks at the way this current culture in Washington has undermined the men and women who help keep us safe. We must always remember that our common life depends on each others toil.

    For our son and all the others who stand guard…Thanks.

    We see you, we love you and constantly pray for you.

  2. KevinThomas

    Thank you indeed. I’ve never sought a great deal of support for what I do but what support i’ve needed has come from my family and friends. Tributes like this are never sought but are treasured when stumbled upon.

  3. Jon Seaver

    Thank you.


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