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February 16, 2016  
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Nabbing a quality AR-15 trigger has never been easier, and a new trigger du jour seems to premiere every week–but with more options comes further deliberation. Even if you already have a favorite, here’s another for your consideration. Read up. Mad Duo

The LaRue MBT: Meticulously Built Trigger

Kim Heath

There were a lot of things to be excited about at SHOT Show, as anyone who has spent five minutes on the internet these past couple of weeks knows. There were new pistols, rifles, lighting solutions for every dark predicament, camouflage, stretch this, cordura that. Now that the magic dust is beginning to settle and we can look back at it all, I have to say that I was most excited about the LaRue booth.

Aside from his sterling rifles, Mark LaRue has brought into this world both Dillo Dust and the LaRue MBT, the Meticulously Built Trigger. If you haven’t had the pleasure of indulging your palate with Dillo Dust, you’re missing out on a culinary crescendo. For me, it’s like that hot sauce commercial: “I put that sh!t on everying.” If you have a bottle of it in your cabinet and haven’t tried it, for the love of all that is holy, obtain a steak, dust each side, and grill. You’re welcome.

LaRue MBT DSC_0830 (1)

Now to the the MBT. This is one smooth operator; two and a half pounds initial, then two more to the break. I was baptized with a Colt LESO military surplus rifle, 20” barrel, fixed stock, iron sights with a carry handle, and one of the smoothest triggers going. I’ve found butter smooth triggers to be the case with the majority of the LESO rifles I’ve handled. I then spent some time with a Rock River 2 stage, and then on to a Geissele SSA for my competition rifle. As it needs to be patrol practical, it has a 4.5lb minimum trigger pull. When talking with Mark LaRue at his booth he introduced me to the MBT, and explained that they are precision machined from S7 tool steel, precisely made to exacting standards, and “just beautiful.”

I installed my MBT in my Robar PolymAR and took it for a dry fire test drive. Initially, I was hard pressed to tell the difference in dry fire between it and the Geissele SSA. At first I was going back and forth comparing takeup, then comparing amount of creep to the break, then the reset, then to break again. It was difficult to find any difference, but after a few back and forths, it seemed that the LaRue MBT’s reset was the tiniest bit shorter than the Geissele (and I mean the tiniest bit).

The only real noticeable difference was the shape of the trigger itself. It is wider and flatter across than the Geissele, which is a little narrower, and more rounded across. I don’t know that I prefer one profile over the other as I didn’t even notice until I stopped focusing on the pull and reset, but it is certainly something to note if you think you might prefer one over the other. The MBT also comes with a second trigger spring in case you require a slightly heavier pull.

LaRue MBT DSC_0831 (1)


If you’re finding it difficult to make a choice between the two, something else to consider is that the LaRue is $20 less expensive and you’ll probably get a bottle of Dillo Dust when you order it. LaRue even had a few sales towards the end of 2015 and again after January 1st where they were $125. Can’t beat that with a stick. The good thing is that you can’t go wrong either way as both are smooth and solid.

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Find LaRue Tactical (the “Dead Center of Precision”) online here. They are on Facebook right here.

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Kim Heath 7]About the Author: Mad Duo Kim is a native of Themyscira and a veteran LEO of many years service. A peculiar melange of hawt and damn dangerous, Kim is President of the WTA, a featured instructor for the Women’s NRA, and currently serves as the Rangemaster (Rangemistress?) of a multi-jurisdictional training facility. In short, she is more woman than you will ever have and more man than you will ever be. Read more about her here.

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  1. Moose

    Good to see more options on the market. I’ve practically spent enough at Geissele to put their kids through college and remain loyal (they don’t disappoint and consistently deliver) but I’ll probably snag one when they’re on sale or order an OBR 7.62 as I’m guessing they’ll be moving away from the SSA for OEM. Hopefully it’s not the result of bad blood between Mark and Bill like

    the beef with my boy Johnny Noveske Jr. (RIP) but he did post a nice ‘eulogy’ for Johnny.

    P.S. I sometimes order stuff from

    LaRue solely for Dillo Dust, no bullshit. The fact that all their stuff is awesome, optic/mount combos are priced quite fairly etc. is a side factor

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