The Elftmann "Paintball" Trigger: for your M4

October 31, 2012  
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We're going to try to remain open minded about this. Sometimes goofy things aren't so goofy once you use them. The Elftmann D-TR trigger, manufactured by Dillon Precision, may be one of those things.

Then again, it may not.

Says the creator, "After playing against and using double triggers we found them to be a superior product and we all switched to the double triggers. For years I wondered why they were not on real fire arms, after doing some research we found that the AR-15 seemed to be the weapon of choice to put the double trigger on. So we developed the DTR to fit all milspec AR-15 rifles. Now after thousands and thousands of rounds with the DTR on the AR-15 we found it to be superior on a real fire arm too."

Shooting Illustrated reviewed the 'double trigger' (which isn't really double, it's extended) and didn't dismiss it. In fact, their admittedly skeptical reviewer didn't really find much to complain about.

The Elftmann marketing director says, “It is really pretty simple—it is basic hand mechanics: You have more strength when pulling your index and middle fingers simultaneously, as opposed to just your index finger. This increased strength translates to your ability to pull the trigger faster…We believe that the D-TR is a great solution that allows the AR-15 user to increase the rate of fire, but not to the rate of generating muzzle lift. So, as opposed to a tactical officer using a fully-automatic weapon—we believe that there is an argument that would justify using the AR-15 with our trigger. It is a good balance between speed, accuracy and ammunition management.”



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