Taurus Places Two New Bets on the Pistol Market

Using modern technology for the development and use of materials, rigorous testing processes and high-quality control of production, Taurus bets on two new models of armaments for personal defense, public safety, and military markets.

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By João Paulo Moralez ~ please forgive any rough spots, English is a second language! 

In the first quarter of 2018, the personal, military and law enforcement armament segment of the South American market gained two interesting new features in the 9mm, .40 S&W, and .380 ACP calibers. They are two new designs of pistols that have just been released by Taurus, one of the world’s largest weapons manufacturers and a sales leader in the western hemisphere.

Starting with the TH40 model, the gun was developed in the .40 S&W and .380 ACP (called TH380) caliber with a series of features that aim to meet the needs of the military market and, above all, public safety.

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Taurus' 40 40SW Pistol
TH 40 40SW_LEFT VIEW – Note that Taurus has a number of other .40 model semi-auto pistols.

The weapon has a handle made of polymer, the bolt in carbon steel and a tenanted finish, that is, it increases the resistance of the material mainly against abrasion and corrosion. Externally there is the Picattiny rail (Mil / Std-1913) for laser sight and weapon flashlight; safety for precursor; ammunition indicator in the chamber; manual lock, de-cocker and charger retainer ambidextrous; tritium sight in three points (rear and front sight) to allow use in low light environments; and operation in simple action and double action.

The backstrap is interchangeable to be adjusted to the various sizes of hands, giving greater flexibility and ergonomics for its operators.

The design was built on the modular concept, that is, when you need to replace a certain part, the user exchanges a module of the weapon where that part is located. Thus, the pistol is always kept with new components.

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In addition, other parts that are also worn out are automatically replaced, preventing the operator from having to stop the gun again for maintenance soon.

Taurus' 40 40SW Pistol

In terms of testing 10,000 shots were fired with gold ammunition; the cycling devices were tested; drag on sand; simulation with water spray with salinity; electronic trigger weight test; immersion in water; freezing and heating test.

At .380 ACP, for civilian use, personal defense and patrimonial, there are 18 + 1 shots in the loader with the total weight (munched) of 800g.

The .40 S&W caliber has 15 + 1 shots capacity and a weight of 800g. Both models are already being marketed and have 108mm of the length of the barrel, 152mm of total length and 147,5mm respectively.

The second model presented by Taurus and also already on sale is the G2C, a more ergonomic, lightweight pistol available in .40 S&W and 9mm calibers. Its use can be like a backup weapon and due to its size, smaller than TH40 and TH380, can be done in a concealed way.

Taurus' G2C 9MM

The frame is made of high strength polymer; rusty finish; has a Picattiny rail (Mil / Std-1913) for coupling accessories such as pistol lanterns and laser sights; has a hammer safety, manual safety, and trigger lock; ammunition indicator in the chamber and rounded edges to allow concealed posture without harming the wearer.

In both gauges, the barrel has 83mm, while the height is 129mm and the total length is 159mm.

In the 9mm caliber are 12 + 1 shots and the total weight is 610g. At the .40 caliber, S&W is 10 + 1 shots weighing 600g unmanned. This model already has more than 1 million copies sold in the US.

According to Taurus, the new products, especially those of the T-series line, were developed in the company’s new development protocol. The differential of the line is interchangeability.

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