Tactical Leggings from Vakandi Apparel

Vakandi Apparel - Women's Tactical Leggings with a Flagrant Beard Belt, and a holstered P365.
January 12, 2020  
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.Sara is always on the lookout for tactical pants for women that actually work. Here is her review of the women’s tactical leggings from Vakandi Apparel.

My Search for Women’s Tactical Leggings

Believe it or not, one of the most sought after items by women that carry is a comfortable pant. I’ve had many conversations with other women about conceal carry and pants and we always end up talking about pants. We compare notes and share information and give each other a heads up when we find something that works.

My hunt for a good pair of active pants that I can carry in has been ongoing for at least 2 years. Trying several pairs by several different companies, none of them got it right. The pants either fit great in one area, but not the other, or the material is just lousy, doesn’t feel good. Comfort is key when finding a good active pant, I mean it’s kinda the whole purpose of the pant; comfort. Most of my activity is hiking. I hike a bunch and I need pants that can flex, allow me to maneuver on the terrain and not restrict me. When I spotted the Vakandi pant I figured it was worth taking a chance. I ordered up a pair of full-length pants.

Vakandi Tactical Leggings

Pockets! These pants have pockets deep enough for a cell phone. That’s a bonus. For the life of me, I don’t understand why some pants for women have pockets barely big enough for chapstick.

Anyway, after I got done geeking out over the pockets I put the pants on. My initial reaction: “Oh, they fit, and they’re comfortable!”   I grabbed my belt and my P365 and headed out. The first thing I did was a bunch of errands. I was super comfortable getting in and out of my vehicle in these leggings.  I wasn’t sure if “yoga pants” could be capable of conceal carry, I just imagined that the weight of my pistol would make them sag, or flop, that’s not the case at all.  The belt loops are wide to accept most belt widths and there was no movement, everything stayed in place. 

Women's tactical leggings by Vakandi Apparel.

These women’s tactical leggings by Vakandi Apparel keep everything in place.

Comfort and Function

It was time for me to hit some trails and get some miles down with these leggings.  Over a week I got in close to 22 miles trekking around in these pants and bottom line—I’m impressed. They were ridiculously comfortable, and as I mentioned earlier—that’s everything.  I’m not going to get into some technical BS about the material of the pant, and the moisture-wicking capability, etc, etc, I’m just going to say that these pants are what you’ve been looking for ladies. A form-fitting yoga pant that you can comfortably and safely conceal carry in.

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Sara Liberte modeling women's conceal carry pants on a hike.

These pants are what you’ve been looking for ladies. I’m carrying a Sig P365, holstered by a Stealthgear Ventcor holster on a Flagrant Beard belt.

Erika Knight, Creator of Vakandi Apparel

I wanted to know what fueled the idea to create these, so I reached out to Erika Knight, owner of Vakandi Apparel. Here is what she shared with me.

“In college, I lived in yoga pants and workout clothes because they’re the most comfortable for me and I practiced yoga daily. My husband and father-in-law had a gun class scheduled at Valor Ridge in May of 2016, but my father-in-law ended up not being able to go, so he gave me his spot. I had only been shooting once or twice and had just been given my first gun (g43) as a gift from my husband. When we drove away from that class in Tennessee, I never went anywhere without carrying. I carry every day. Needless to say, this dramatically affected my wardrobe – which I wasn’t thrilled about – since I insist on carrying with a holster and gun belt for safety and reliability reasons.

About a year later, I decided to sew some belt loops on my favorite yoga pants with my great aunt’s old sewing machine. I LIVED in these pants. I then had a lot of interest from my followers on social media about the pants, so I decided to find a production company to make me a few hundred, some for myself and the rest to sell.

My husband and I added side pockets to the design, sketched out a logo, came up with a company name and here we are today! It has grown more than anticipated, considering this started as a hobby, and I primarily practice as a chiropractor and do some modeling. Realizing just how many girls carry and train has been the most rewarding aspect of the business along with scrolling through Instagram and seeing a bunch of badass girls wearing our apparel. We hope to expand into men’s apparel next year and continue to add new designs in 2020.”

Conclusion— I’m Ordering More Vakandi Women’s Tactical Leggings

Vakandi Apparel - Women's Tactical Pants review by Sara Liberte.

These Vakandi Apparel full-length pants are ridiculously comfortable.

My search is over, I’m happy.   Oh, by the way, they do make these in Capri length and they also have shorts of the same material. When I ordered mine, I noticed that they have an option for Arctic Camo. However, the website said those are available for a limited time only. I’m not sure how long those will be around. You might want to go grab a pair before they are gone.  I’m ordering a pair of Capri’s for the warm weather.

Read more on the  Vakandi Apparel website.

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Sara Liberte

Sara Liberte

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    When we wore leggings in the Marine Corps they sure didn’t look like that.


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