Did SureFire Just Release the ‘Ultimate’ Ma Deuce Accessory?

The .50 caliber M2 machine gun is affectionately known as the “Ma Deuce” — the ultimate in anti-material infantry firepower and a welcome “thump, thump, thump” when sh&t goes sideways.

One of the negatives of the Ma Deuce, though, is the enormous flash that big round spits out. Fire a .50 and the bad guys’ll know exactly where you are.

If there’s still alive to do anything about it is another question.

Always innovating ways to modify your blaster’s front end, SureFire has just announced a flash hider for both the M2A1 and M2HB that’s designed to cut the flash signature to next to nothing.

According to SureFire:

Check out the specs here…

An SF3P-50BMG flash hider works because it isn’t just any flash hider. Engineered by the same team that produced the legendary SUREFIRE WARCOMP flash hider, each one is precision CNC-machined from U.S.A. mill-certified bar stock to the most precise tolerances and DLC-coated for corrosion resistance and long service life. Its robust tines withstand the rigors of sustained full-auto fire in the harshest combat environments.

SureFire manufactures two BMG Flash Hiders, one for the original barrel and one for the newer M2A1 as a direct flash hider replacement. The SF3P-50BMG-M2HB features a precision-machined sleeve that mounts to the weapon system, allowing the flash hider to attach to the M2HB’s non-threaded barrel; a nitride-coated, heat-treated chromoly coupler provides maximum attachment strength. The SF3P-50BMG-M2A1 delivers the same proven design, engineering and critical performance in a flash hider designed to work as a replacement for the current flash hider, offering better performance on the M2A1.

SureFire sf3p-50bmg flash hiders
The SF3P-BMG50-M2HB uses a sleeve and chromoly coupler to attach to the weapon system with no modifications. (Photo via SureFire)

Guenter Schrotzhammer, Director of International Sales, SureFire, LLC, says that SF3P-50BMG flash hiders have already begun to prove themselves in missions around the globe. The SF3P-50BMG-M2HB was tendered at the request of international military units seeking a better solution to reduce the muzzle flash of their M2s during low-light operations.

“The SF3P-50BMG flash hider enables our international end-users to turn their M2s into much better night fighting weapon systems without any permanent modifications,” Schrotzhammer says “Being able to significantly reduce the normally giant M2 muzzle flash to barely visible enables them to become harder to locate for the enemy while simultaneously enabling them to use their night vision devices to full potential.”

The M2 is a legendary machine gun the world over. With the introduction of its SF3P-50BMG flash hiders, SureFire has seized the initiative to reduce the M2’s flash signature and keep our warfighters safe. 

I don’t know about you, but I’m nearly convinced. Maybe the Breach Bang Clear team can get a few to test (along with a sweet new M2)…?

SureFire: Read more about ’em.

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