Securing Silence: Suppressor Compatible Holsters

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April 24, 2020  
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Holsters that are compatible with suppressed pistols aren’t terribly common, but they are available. This article covers some of the available suppressor holsters from Crye Precision, Raven Concealment, Armordillo, LBT, and other companies.


Original article: Securing silence (suppressed pistol holsters)

The latest: Suppressor-compatible holsters | Ragnarok SD

Suppressed pistol in holster, suppressed pistol not holstered.

We like the way Alexander goes tailgating – and the fact that he shoots so politely (which is to say, suppressed). 



Suppressor-Compatible Holster: T-Rex Ragnarok SD

Alexander has been using another holster option for suppressed pistols lately and he’s released a video about it.

Suppressed pistol holsters with Alexander Crown.

Watch the video – and enjoy that dance he does a couple of minutes in! (We sure did.)

Suppressor holsters overview with Alexander Crown.

The fit of any holster build for a suppressed pistol is going to vary from can to can, at least if you’re using different-sized silencers. They’re still viable, however.

This particular holster is the T-Rex Arms Ragnarok SD. He uses it with a couple of different types of can, including the SilencerCo Omega-9K.


Go subscribe to Alexander’s YouTube Channel and follow him on Instagram, @acrown509.

Suppressor holster - where do put a gun with some SilencerCo on it?

SilencerCo makes great cans, but where do you put ’em if they’re on a blaster you’re not shootin’?


Securing Silence: Holster Options for a Suppressed Pistol.

The other day I called Dave Merrill. We were discussing the usual industry gossip like a couple of schoolgirls when I told him I had an idea for an article. He immediately said, “Great. Write whatever you want and we’ll publish it.” I knew Breach Bang Clear was in good hands when he didn’t ask what the topic was for a solid two minutes. But when I finally told him, he seemed disinterested and said he had to get back to his photoshoot on some awesome new product I wasn’t allowed to know about. You’ve changed, man.

At any rate, I wanted to do a mashup discussing various options out there for carrying a suppressed pistol. Several manufacturers offer ways for us to get our inner Bruce Willis from Tears of the Sun on. In reality, these holsters are really for those of us who hunt little critters at night under NODS and like to be quiet.

Crye Precision Gun Clip


Crye Precision Gun Clip - suppressor holster.

The gun clip is made of polymer/rubber stuff and only fits a Glock 19/23/17/22. The Gun Clip will, however, fit any style light/laser or suppressor. The mounting system is simple, adjustable and allows the pistol to be angled and mounted on MOLLE and various belt sizes. The major downside to the Gun Clip is the “flick swing” motion needed to draw the gun. The holster has a “pull the dot” style button that has to be defeated with a draw stroke.

suppressor holster - As Crye describes it, the Gun Clip is, " entirely new approach to carrying and deploying a handgun. Any light, any suppressor, any platform, any orientation, any situation." -Image source, The Firearm Blog.

As Crye describes it, the Gun Clip is, “…an entirely new approach to carrying and deploying a handgun. Any light, any suppressor, any platform, any orientation, any situation.” -Image source, The Firearm Blog.


The Crye Precision gun clip is made of polymer/rubber stuff and only fits a Glock 19/23/17/22. Suppressor holster option.

A single adjustment sets rotation (360 degrees) and securely clamps the mount to almost any platform (belt or MOLLE).


The Gun Clip may not be specifically designed as a suppressed-weapon holster, but the fact that it can be used with any light/laser and suppressor is a huge benefit in my book. And it comes in tan if that gets you all hot and bothered.

Armordillo Concealment X-Fer V2

Armordillo Concealment X-Fer V2 suppressor holster

suppressor holster - Raven Concealment says it's easy to suppress all the things with the X-FER V2.

Raven Concealment says it’s easy to suppress all the things with the X-FER V2.

The X-Fer V2 holds the pistol via the weapon light, in this case, the ever-popular Surefire X300U. I like this suppressor holster because of the modularity in mounting systems. Here it wears a Tek-Loc from Blade Tech, but I’ve also used it with a soft IWB loop and even at one point rigged up a MALICE clip to use it on an old MOLLE belt.

Armordillo Concealment X-Fer V2 suppressor holster for suppressed pistol.

The IWB mount is less about the suppressor, but I suppose you could do it with something like the Gemtech Aurora or the Thompson Machine Poseidon.

The X-Fer V2 suppressor holster holds the suppressed pistol via the weapon light, in this case the Gemtech Aurora.

Raven Concealment Vanguard 3

Because of its popularity, the Raven Concealment Vanguard 3 is worth mentioning. However, I was unable to mount a silencer to the pistol due to the tension screw being so close to the barrel. That said, the Vanguard 2 (and probably also all of the endless clones) is good to go and would make a great host for a micro suppressor IWB.

The Raven Concealment Vanguard 3 is a suppressor holster option.

The VanGuard 3 (VG3) is a minimalist IWB holster designed to be used with weapon-mounted lights. Unlike traditional IWB holsters, the VG3 attaches to your weapon light and covers only the light and trigger guard of your weapon.

Raven Concealment Vanguard 3 suppressor holster.

Suppressor Holsters by London Bridge Trading Inc.

The last suppressor holsters on the list are my personal favorites, mostly for the nostalgia and because they were a gift from John Hollister. Advanced Armament Corp offered these two holsters back when they ruled the suppressor industry (thanks Freedom Group, no seriously, thanks!) and are made by London Bridge Trading Inc. The first, which appears to be currently available on the LBT website, is for a suppressed Ruger series pistol, although I use it with a Buckmark or more recently my OSS Hi Standard.

London Bridge Trading Inc. suppressed pistol holster.

London Bridge Trading Inc. suppressed pistol holster.


It attaches to the belt via a belt loop or old school ALICE Clips and features two methods of pistol retention for less frequent airborne ops. I am able to stuff four magazines into the external pouch, but the other doesn’t seem to hold anything very useful (maybe some candy?). I like this package as it gives me fifty rounds total and securely holds the gun for doing hood rat stuff in the woods.

The other LBT holster doesn’t allow the suppressor to be mounted on the gun but does keep the can close by. I include it because it is mostly relevant to the article and has an air of old school cool to it.

LBT holster with pouch for suppressor.

London Bridge Trading Inc. holster with suppressor pouch.



As the silencer industry grows and more and more shooters feed that $200-per habit, I hope we see more offers from holster companies that further innovate the carry options for these tools. If you know of any other suppressor holsters worth checking out, let us know, and remember – if you’re going to carry this way (or any way), know your gear.



tactical gear for kids
Tactical gear for tactical kids…

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Alexander Crown

Alexander Crown

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  1. Rodney Barksdale

    Iooking for holster for ruger mark-4 suppressed pistol

  2. Daniel

    Call me at 786-489-4521. I appreciate it to call me.

  3. Daniel Valdes

    I’m looking forward do you answer my name is Daniel Valdes can you please return and let me know if you need to come out with a Glock 20 MOS for a Sagittarius silencer. Or for a model 45 GEN five Glock to be able to carry without the light let me know please I’ll give me a phone number where to go or you can call me at 786-489-4521. I appreciate if you give me a call, thank you very much I’m having a hard time trying to get a holster to be able to carry my gun and pistols. I have a 45 tomorrow I got a 40 Glock tomorrow and I have a 20 can you give me an answer please Thank you very much. Have a beautiful evening. God bless .

  4. Daniel

    Do you make a holster for the Glock 40 GEN 4 10mm with a suppressor and what type light not too expensive that I can use with it all one host a day doesn’t have to use the light where I can use it for my suppressor with my suppressor. Thank you. I hope I hear back from you soon. My number is 786-489-4521. Call anytime. I appreciate it. I like to speak to someone. I’m not very good at writing. Thank you very very your customer Daniel Valdes.

  5. C W Peck

    Do you make one to fit a Taurus TX 22 , with a Sparrow 22 suppressor ? If so , how much and do you have photos.

  6. Laurence

    I have a Glock 20 wirh a 6′ suppressor and am having a hell of a time finding a holster for it. Any suggestions? Laurence at [email protected]

  7. Dick Long

    You know, some links to all of these holsters might be helpful. Just saying…

  8. Randy

    How much for the canvas Ruger 22 with suppressor friendly holster

  9. richard

    What, no masterfire?

  10. zane

    The small “candy pocket” on the London Bridge holster is for the thumb saver loading tool used to load Ruger magazines.

  11. Geoff

    NFG in Concealed Carry only States. Unless you wear a trench coat all the time, and forget about IWB.

  12. Mark

    I have/am using a Hogue Powerspeed holster for a 1911 and Silencerco Osprey. Would love some of the add ons to the holster, but doesnt appear the add ons are in production anymore. Also using a Surefire Masterfire with a FNX 45 and Silencerco Osprey or GemTech The One suppressor. The Surefire Masterfire had to be “adjusted” to clear the Osprey non-concentric shape.

  13. Nic

    There’s a custom holster maker that does excellent work. I only know him as Battlecloth. Cordura with mag pouch, and several other options. More like the LBT version thank anything else. Custom made to include suppressor, pistol and light/laser and RMR.

    Mods- if you send me an e-mail, I can send pics of some of mine and the manufacturer’s contact info.

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