Shotgun Barrel Clamp by Strike Industries

Shotgun clamp shown on three different guns.
February 14, 2023  
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The Strike Shotgun Barrel Clamp for 12-Guage helps to add strength and rigidity to your feed tubes with the ability to add accessories and a sling mount. One side of the barrel clamp features a Picatinny (Pic) rail for a flashlight mount or other accessories. On the other side, you have a 360° free swivel quick detach (QD) socket for an easy sling attachment point. You can pick which side you want the Pic rail or QD. Compatible with the most common 12-gauge barrels and feed tubes, 6061-T6 aluminum makes up this lightweight barrel clamp.

This Strike Shotgun Barrel Clamp for 12 gauge provides additional support for your magazine feed tubes with the bonus of having a QD sling point on one side and a Picatinny rail accessory on the other that is quick and easy to install. Available in anodized SI BLACKLINE, FDELINE, or TITAN EDITION colors.

Product Features

The package set comes with clamps for both sides of the blaster, acting as a shotgun sling mount AND a shotgun flashlight mount!

The three colors available for the clamp.

The clamp is available in three colors. (Photo credit: Strike Industries)

-Picatinny rail to mount a weapon light or other accessory
-360° free swivel QD socket for an easy sling attachment point
-Quick and easy installation with rail or QD socket on either side
-Compatible with most common 12-Gauge barrels and feed tubes
-Lightweight and high-strength
-Machined from 6061-T6 aluminum


-12-Gauge models only
Benelli M2/M4
Remington 870
-Possibly other 12-Gauge shotguns not officially tested by Strike Industries

Strike Industries shotgun clamp shown on three different guns.

(Photo credit: Strike Industries)

shotgun clamp shown on three different guns, right side

(Photo credit: Strike Industries)

Not Compatible

-With some special version models even mentioned above
-Mossberg 500, 930

Package Contents

Along with the QD and Picatinny clamps, you’ll also get two M5x14mm Screw Sets, a 4mm Hex Tool, a Loctite Threadlocker Blue 243, and a Warning card.

Strike Industries shotgun clamp package contents

(Photo credit: Strike Industries)

Product Specifications

Strike Shotgun Barrel Clamp QD side

-Length: 41.81mm(1.65″)
-Width: 17.00mm(0.67″)
-Height: 47.62mm(1.87″)
-Weight: 0.61 oz

Strike Shotgun Barrel Clamp Picatinny side:

-Length: 41.81mm(1.65″)
-Width: 23.30mm(0.92″)
-Height: 47.62mm(1.87″)
-Weight: 0.89 oz

Weight W/ Pkg: 2.80 oz

Shotgun clamp

(Photo credit: Strike Industries)

Using The Shotgun Barrel Clamp

SureFire Scout Pro

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