Strike Industries Releases Three NEW AR Modular Magazine Release Buttons | Who Knew there were so many Options!

Strike Industries Oversized Magazine Release
| September 25, 2020
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Have you ever considered exactly how important your magazine release button is? Without it, you couldn’t quickly and easily drop your mag to replace a new, fully loaded, freedom-round holding magazine. Lucky for you, there are plenty of options, some better than others. So, if you’re in the market to build an AR or you need a replacement part, Strike Industries has announced their very own AR Modular Magazine Release (MMR).

Strike Industries Extended Magazine Release

Strike Industries | Easy to Install MMR Buttons

What’s so special about this normally small and boring component? Glad you asked! According to Strike Industries, first and most importantly, the modular design allows for a quick and easy replacement—because no one wants to watch 12 YouTube videos, read the manual cover to cover, and call a lifeline to assemble any new product.

Strike Industries Standard Magazine Release

Even better, included in your purchase are three different modular magazine release buttons—standard, extended, or oversized buttons that work for any number of personal desires or missions.

Strike Industries Modular Magazine Release Buttons

And what makes this mag button so easy to install? Again, glad you asked.

  1. You don’t have to remove the magazine catch just to change out your button.
  2. All you have to do is push the magazine button adapter—with literally anything that’ll fit in the space.

And if the simplicity isn’t your concern, maybe the textured buttons are. According to the company, those textured buttons give the shooter a positive feel and manipulation of their AR for enhanced ergonomic control.

Big, fancy words like ergonomic don’t make your toes tingle? Maybe these product features and specifications, listed below, will.

Strike Industries Oversized Modular Magazine Release Button

MMR Product Features

  • Magazine buttons made from durable and lightweight polymer
  • SUS630 stainless steel shaft sleeve and button adapter
  • Steel magazine catch
  • Drop-in installation

Strike Industries Extended Modular Magazine Release Button

MMR Product Specifications

Length: 37.11mm (mag catch), 7.5mm (standard button), 24.9mm (oversized button)
Width: 36.75mm (standard button), 38.5mm (oversized button)
Height: 12.5mm (standard button), 15.4mm (oversized button)
Weight: 0.6 oz

What you get with your purchase:

Magazine catch (x1)
Catch spring (x1)
Button adapter (x1)
Mag catch shaft sleeve (x1)
Standard mag button (x1)
Extended mag button (x1)
Oversized mag button (x1)

Strike Industries Standard Modular Magazine Release Button

Compatibility: Mil-Spec AR-15 and DPMS AR-10 pattern lower receivers

If you’re just chomping at the bits for more information on these AR Modular Magazine Release buttons, head on over to Strike Industries, now!

Strike Industries: Read More.


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