Stribog SP9A3G for Glock Mags: From Slovakia (via Sarasota) With Love!

Stribog SP9A3G is Glock magazine compatible
| January 11, 2022
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The Stribog SP9A3G is a ‘Bog that takes Glock magazines and it’s everything the Stribog should have been from the beginning. Its predecessors were nice little guns to be sure, but most of us (around here at least) weren’t keen on the proprietary magazines it depended on. Hell, everybody has Glock magazines. Even people who don’t have Glocks have Glock magazines. That’s what is going to have so many people interested in the G part of that Stribog SP9A3 G.

Once they’re done bitching about why it took so long in the first place. Which they will do. A lot. Even the ones who aren’t even interested in a Stribog. 

BLUF: You can get a Glock magazine compatible 9mm Stribog right here online (standard FFL transfer rules apply). 

Grand Power's Stribog SP9A3 G is what the first Stribogs should have been.

Grand Power’s Stribog SP9A3 G is what the first Stribogs should have been.

But we digress.  On to the StriGlock.

Stribog SP9A3G

9mm Glock Mag Compatible “StriGlock”

Here’s what Global Ordnance told us in the original release.

Featuring the same attributes that earned its predecessors the title Best In Class PCC, the SP9A3G model Stribog will have a non-reciprocating charging handle that remains in the forward position while firing, a semi-locked bolt with delayed action via transfer roller, and kinesthetically superior, low profile controls.

The Stribog's SP9A3G Glock magazine compatible PCC (pistol brace variant) would make a great truck gun. If you're into truck guns.

Grand Power’s “StriGlock” Glock magazine compatible PCC (pistol brace variant) would make a great truck gun. If you’re into truck guns.

Same reliability, same manual of arms, new ability to take advantage of all those readily available Glock-style magazines.

The Stribog SP9A3 G will take Glock mags, OEM and aftermarket extendos alike.

The Stribog SP9A3 G will take Glock mags, both OEM and aftermarket extendos alike. This is much better news than that of the straight ‘Bog mags arriving late last year – and that was pretty good news on its own. Hail the StriGlock.

Stribog SP9A3G Specs

Caliber: 9mm
Trigger Mechanism: SA
Trigger Pull: 6 lbs
Overall length: 16.69 in.
Height without Magazine: 7.87 in.
Width: 2.24″
Barrel Length: 8 in. (threaded 1/2 x 28)
Weight: 4.54 lbs
Finish: Bluing

Stribog SP9A3G

A Glock magazine compatible Stribog is (or should have been at least) a no-brainer. Better late than never we reckon.

Thank you G.O.! GO Brandon!

SP9A3G: a Stribog for Glock Mags

No more proprietary mags for the Stribog (well, the new ones anyway). The SP9A3G is Glock magazine compatible.


Go StriGlock shopping right now. 


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  1. Todd

    Will lowers be sold to sp9a1 customers? It would be great to get better mags for us that bought a gun a while ago

  2. Tristan

    5″ version coming anytime soon?


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