Sticky Holsters: Non-Slip Concealed Carry

An inside-the-waist Sticky Holder worn by a person.
January 26, 2023  
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There are countless holsters on the market, and that can make choosing one a challenge. Among the popular brands is Sticky Holsters, a company that’s made its name designing and producing holsters with a grip-like texture on their exterior. Is their style right for you and your needs? Read on to find out.

Black Sticky Holster pictured alone.

Sticky Holsters are available in many sizes and styles rather than model-specific designations. (Photo credit: Sticky Holsters)

What’s a Sticky Holster?

They boast lighter-weight, streamlined designs and do not have clips or loops. Instead, they utilize an adhesive-like texture to the cloth, enabling them to hang onto clothing. That means they’re intended for inside-the-waist carry (IWB) or pocket carry. Their design is relatively basic and includes heavy-duty stitching along the edge. Certain products incorporate an additional line of stitching in the outline of a handgun. According to the maker, their non-slip surface grips onto just about anything, making them more versatile than other brands.

Sticky Holsters Belly Band shown worn by a person around the waist.

In addition to their basic IWB models, Sticky Holsters make belly bands. (Photo credit: Sticky Holsters)

What kind of Sticky Holsters are there?

These holsters come in various sizes rather than specific to a particular firearm. They’re not molded or fitted to the exact frames of handguns, meaning they are a bit easier to mix and match. Therefore, their use encompasses a broader range of guns; however, they are not designed to provide retention.

Small, medium, and large sizes are offered, in addition to some with slight tweaks for guns with red dot sights or lasers. It’s also possible to search the company’s website for a size that fits the general outline of your handgun’s model. Possible styles include pocket, ankle, belly band, and standard IWB.

A taser Sticky Holster shown holding a taser.

Sticky Holsters even makes holsters for tasers. (Photo credit: Sticky Holsters)

What else does Sticky Holsters make?

The product line for the company isn’t limited to holsters for handguns. In addition to their popular holsters for guns, they make:

Sticky Holsters are American-made.

Sticky Holsters are American-made. (Photo credit: Sticky Holsters)

Do they work?

Perhaps the greatest function of this type of holster is the way their non-slip texture keeps them in place in pockets. In non-permissive environments or in places where deep concealment is a must, pocket carry might be the way to go. According to the manufacturer, these holsters will stay in place while the user draws the gun due to how the material clings to clothing. The cling is improved further by the user’s body heat.

It’s important to note that concealed carry is the intent for this type of holster. Due to the lack of loops, clips, or attachment points on the vast majority of the products, these cannot attach to your belt, MOLLE, or other gear. It must also be taken into consideration when choosing to use a non-slip holster that because they are not molded to the exact shape of the firearm, they do not provide significant retention.

These styles of holsters are a viable option for some situations. Many gun owners enjoy how lightweight and basic they are. Whether or not it’s the right design for you depends on what you need and why you’re using it.

Do you own any Sticky Holsters? Tell us about your non-slip holster experiences in the comments section.

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