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stealthgear aiwb
| July 13, 2018
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I’m a 5”4” 120-pound female, even the tiniest of handguns when I conceal carry, stand out like a giant pimple on a teenager. It’s not easy to conceal for me, I have just accepted that. I have tried so many holsters, looking for “the one” that meets my requirements.

StealthGear USA.

StealthGear USA AIWB holster.

1. I must like it and be comfortable drawing from it.

2. It must not be extremely noticeable. (That’s not too much to ask is it?)

StealthGear USA.

AIWB Holster

I prefer OWB carry and when I take any classes, that is the style holster I typically roll with. Recently I’ve been eyeballing this “vent core” holster from Stealth Gear USA, it’s made with the moisture wicking material to keep you dry when you’re sweating and is supposed to be comfortable against your skin. I had to give it a shot and see how I would like an AIWB.

StealthGear USA.

AIWB holster.

Right away this felt good, I wore it around doing chores one day sans my M&P shield, just to get used to the position. I really thought I was going to hate appendix, let alone inside the waistband, but I was really surprised, this didn’t bother me… and I could hardly see it imprinting through my t-shirt.

StealthGear USA.

AIWB Holster

Next up was to practice my draws, and again, it didn’t suck. I was actually kinda disappointed, I wanted to hate this way of carrying, but I’ll be damned, it’s kinda natural for me.

AIWB holster

StealthGear USA Holster

So what is the deal with this holster, why is it so comfortable?

Well, it’s made of a breathable, laser-cut ventilation mesh in combination with an integrated moisture shield, and padding cells. They call this patented tech “VentCore”. It really does do what they say, “more comfortable carry with reduced sweating and irritation” Who isn’t down for that?

AIWB holster.

StealthGear USA holster

Priced at right around $100, I was skeptical and worried I’d be wasting my money. Kept thinking this was just the “snake oil” of holster comfort. I, in fact, did not waste my money (unlike the boys at Nancy’s Squat and Gobble throwing Jackson’s in the hefty girls g-string) and this is now my preferred conceal carry holster.

From the StealthGear USA website.

Our most compact holster platform

• Designed for appendix carry but can be worn at a variety of positions
• Soft, Breathable mesh backing
• Strategically positioned padding cells

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