Focusing In: the Arc’teryx Enhanced Combat Uniform

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February 20, 2017  
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We’ve admitted before we’re gay for dead bird, and explained why. Today we’re going to take a look at the Arc’teryx LEAF Combat Uniform, which some of you may recall our boy Freddy reviewed about a year ago. It’s good stuff — and expensive, though there’s a reason for that. There’s also a reason why we like ’em, as we’ve explained in several reviews.

Spotlight On: The Arc’teryx Enhanced Combat Uniform

Now, pay attention: US Elite Gear is running one hell of a special this weekend: 50% off from Thursday through Monday. We’ve got a pretty good relationship with USEG and we use the shit out of Dead Bird, so we’re happily supporting their effort (and we’ll make a few bucks off any sales we help generate, which is good because we also really like money).

Here are a few close-ups of the Enhanced Combat Uniform’s main features; among them, upper arm pockets with daisy chain hard points and hook-and-loop ID fields with retention ring, knee pad pockets, a low profile hybrid collar, reinforced belt loops (for rigger’s systems), organic internal pockets for primary pocket compartmentalization, and a fit designed for movement.

This shit’s badass, and usually expensive as hell (though not today)

Arc’teryx describes their Enhanced Combat Uniform thusly:

“Combat uniforms are the ground level of comfort and safety. Over the years, Arc’teryx LEAF has tried to define the very best possible combination of design, materials and craftsmanship that would result in a free moving, technically advanced combat uniform that could meet our standards of performance.

Persistence is the essence of our design process. We do not accept anything less than perfection. If this means relentless refinements, or a complete shift in thinking, we will pursue that evolution until we have met our goal.

For the combat uniform, we took the best of our knowledge, plus input from our extensive network of information and field intelligence and then started from scratch.

Fit is the keystone of Arc’teryx design. We understand the body in motion. We know that the most efficient management of moisture and temperature requires systems of layers working together, so we build that ergonomic capacity into our clothing to retain a full range of unrestricted motion.

Function is defined by understanding exactly what needs to be achieved – pockets that are patterned to lie flat, contain contents comfortably and not interfere with each other or other equipment. The flow of use is integrated, without overlaps. These are the details we seek to perfect.

Reliability means confidence. Emphasizing movement and function, the new LEAF combat uniforms focus on safety through continuously reliable performance – no compromise on mobility, no failure in construction.”


You can support us, if you’ve a mind to, by buying your next bit of Dead Birdy goodness here.

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  1. Pro Patria

    Why can’t the government procure uniform items from people who actually know how to make good gear, as in this article? Instead of going through the byzantine procurement process and wasting money, like with the Army’s pistol replacement search they could spend a little bit more money on quality stuff that is already available.

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