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March 10, 2017  
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In the southern California city of Carson, a veteran-owned company has been supplying our Special Operations warriors and law enforcement officers for two decades. Some of you may be familiar with SoTech (SO Tech Tactical), but the vast majority of the public has never heard of them. They are now (as of this writing) over 20 years old. Let’s get you spun up on ’em.

Small American Business: SOTech 

SO Tech Tactical

Rhymes with sew…see what SoTech did there?

SO Tech was created in 1997 by CEO Jim Cragg, a former Special Operations officer. They just had their 20 year anniversary recently, and I had a chance to speak with Jim about his company and products.

So Tech Tactical 2

Jim started out with one sewing machine in his garage to a full assembly floor at the SO Tech facility. He built the company based on his personal experience in the service and through working closely with Special Operations community to design and develop gear that will get them through their missions.

SO Tech continues to manufacture products currently being issued to our elite troops, like load carriers for Special Forces Medics. Back home, SO Tech supplies law enforcement gear to LAPD and LASD and provides their officers and deputies IFAKs and Taser holsters. My issued X26P Taser sits in a SO Tech holster everyday. The Viper Vest Plate Carrier was designed for officers as a quick-deploying rifle plate carrier that can be thrown over an officer’s uniform while responding to a critical incident.

Jim wanted to give back to fellow veterans by employing them at SO Tech. He founded a charity organization, Vets Corps USA, to help at-risk veterans by offering them jobs to assist with adapting to life out of the service. So when you buy from SO Tech, you’re putting veterans to work.

Probably their most popular product is their Go Bag, which was slung over Josh Duhamel’s back in the desert scene of the first Transformers (the only good Transformers film of the lot). I always have a Go Bag in the trunk of my vehicle. The Go Bag was made for Special Operations Soldiers who wanted a bag to carry essential equipment if they ever had to ditch their vehicle in an emergency.

So Tech Tactical 1

An interesting and useful product is their Survivor Sling, which is a two-point sling with multiple capabilities. It can support up to 6,000 pounds; you read that right, three tons! Some applications range from tow strap, escape rope, or litter strap to being an extraction harness for LEO’s. (See more about that below.)

Some new products that are available or will be soon are the Recce Vest, based on an old SAS design, but updated for the needs of Tier 1 units today, and the Assaulter’s Gun Belt, made specifically for Special Operations Units and designed alongside an orthopedic surgeon to make sure it provides back support and comfort to the operator.

SoTech IFAK in Night Desert Camo (DNC)

Another example of SoTech design quality: their IFAK (this one in DNC). This IFAK is used by SOF personnel, the US Marshals Service, US Secret Service SOD, ANZAC SOF units, the Estonian SF, and many other units.


SO Tech is a great example of American ingenuity. It’s owned by a proud veteran who employs other veterans to design and manufacture high-quality kit for their customers, whether they’re a Tier 1 operator, LEO, or civilian. Every SO Tech product I own is tough, durable and I know it was made here by those who I have much respect for, our veterans.

SoTech’s Survival Sling

The Survival Sling is just what you would expect the name implies. The survival sling is a multi-purpose sling that SoTech manages to squeeze a lot more utility than you would expect out of a normal sling.

Applications include:
• Quick adjust 2 point weapon sling
• Emergency tow strap
• Strength rated utility strap
• Back up belt for your pants
• Body lift strap
• Buddy drag
• And more

Some of the key features:
• Strength rated type 8 webbing
• Adjust to preferred length in seconds
• Comes with 2 H&K hooks & 1 Hand Hold strap
• 1 Strength rated Carabiner included
• Ideal for use with armor or plate carriers
• Lifetime Warranty
• Weighs 9.6 oz
• Dimensions: 1.75″x 48″x .2″
• Made in the USA

SoTech’s Mission Go Bag

SoTech also has their Misson Go Bag which seems to be a pretty modular bag. It is even an official issue to USSOCOM, Special Forces, Seals, Rangers, MARSOF, & AFSOC.

Here’s a quick look at it and some it’s key features:


Key Features:
• Classic go bag for all occasions
• Over 12 different carry configurations
• Shoulder strap included
• 2 rows of MOLLE across the front
• Compression straps on either side
• Front Velcro for morale patch
• 2 compartments
• 4 large interior pockets
• Material: 500D Cordura® Nylon
• Lifetime Warranty
• Made in the USA



• 13″x 9″x 5″ (main compartment)
• 13″x 9″x 2″ (front compartment)
• 8″x 4″ (internal drawstring pockets, 4ea.)
• 2.2lbs


SOTech’s Founder Jim Craig

Here’s some info and pictures of Jim’s history from @SoTech and the man himself @SoTechPres on Instagram.

SoTech says, “You could say Woodland is in our DNA. We’ve been around long enough since it was still a standard-issue along with BDUs. Here you can see So Tech’s founder Jim Cragg rocking his M81 BDUs with a classic M9.”

Here is Jim at a Battle of Waterloo reenactment, from what we hear he’s quite the history buff.

From Jim or @SoTechPres on Instagram, “One of my favorite designs and one of my favorite gear tests… reversible arctic vest. S.O.Tech Year One. 1998.”

More SoTech in the Wild

S”.O.Tech V.I.P.E.R. IFAK, choice IFAK of the US Marshals HQ”

“S.O.Tech V.I.P.E.R. Plate Carrier in the Cinemax series “Strike Back”. Multicam Tropic and Multicam Black custom made carriers.”

“John Krasinski in 13 Hours wearing our Jaguar single point bungee sling. We have produced a lot of these slings for ISS. If you’re not familiar with their work they provide the film industry with a good majority of firearms you see.”

“It’s #REDfriday with a flashback to one of our SF friends on a deployment many years ago.”

“Our products have been combat proven. Special Forces NCO in Afghanistan during the first phase of the operations wearing a #SOtech chest harness and holsters.”

“Test jump of our assault vest, claw rig thigh rigs, O2 carrier, and carbine HALO retention harness.”

“Glad to see our first batch of Survivor slings arrived safely in Afghanistan. Also, oddly enough yes some are using UCP. Some “special” outfits..stay safe fellas!”

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Fifty Shades of FDE

Fifty Shades of FDE

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  1. Diz

    Jim and SOTech are GTG. Good solid USA made kit. The Hellcat chest rig was an innovative design that started a revolution in LBE. I’m sure the new Recce rig will be an awesome evolution in chest rig design.


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