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June 19, 2015  
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When not channeling the finest scouts of Crook, Red Cloud, Cochise, Chalipan and Eskititsla, our minion Freddy Osuna can be counted upon to be the most observant and least garrulous of our minions. For him to wax this voluble about something…well, you gotta reckon it’s significant. Here’s Osuna’s review of the Boss Rugby, several of which were seen on the range during last week’s class.  Mad Duo

Grunts: garrulous.

Velocity Systems BOSS Rugby Shirt: Epic Tacti-Casual Range Wear

Freddy Osuna

So there I was, rucksack-flopped against another tree, admiring how cool these pants are. A squad of Marines was hot on my trail. Damn, these Vertx Airflow pants breathe gooood! Best money I ever spent this side of the Mississippi! If only there was a shirt to accompany such an amazing set of trousers, I’d be set.

If only.

Fast forward a year. I was back west of the Mississippi, just last week, leaning against a Hesco barrier with a stupid grin on my face thinking, “Damn this shirt and these pants feel good!” Finally after 35 years on this earth, half of which has been spent on ranges and training areas in every biome known to man, yours truly finally found serenity.

Behold the Velocity Systems BOSS Rugby shirt!



This shirt was designed as a hot weather range shirt or moisture managing base layer to be worn under body armor. The best attributes of the BOSS were inspired by the performance apparel worn by rugby players (like the signature collar). This shirt had a number of really cool (literally) features that had my head turning the first time I saw it.

It’s made of 83% nylon and 17% spandex, and treated with an antimicrobial “Odorexx”. The material looks sports jersey-like up close, but could pass as tacti-casual in place of traditional polos on the range (or elsewhere). I have both short sleeve and long sleeve versions; I wore the latter recently during our VCQB class at 88 Tactical in Tekamah, NE. Temperatures indexing over triple digits on the range and rocky, glass-covered ground let me truly put this shirt through its paces.


I wore it on training day 2 of a 3 day course with plans on wearing another long sleeve shirt on the third day, but I felt so comfortable in the Boss that I decided to wear it again. This shirt is the cat’s meow in many ways. The cuffs of the long sleeve stretch nicely because of the material, but recover to original size. This is important to me because I like to pull my sleeves up to my elbows for cooling and extra elbow padding. The collar sits nice and flush against the neck, preventing hot brass from getting in my shirt and also keeps my sling from chafing. During transitions my rifle swinging against the collar seemed smoother and less distracting than a typical collared shirt. The sleeves contain non-invasive, barely noticeable pockets with an unusually nice hook and loop material for ID/medical/morale personalization. Unlike most Velcro shoulder panels, this loop material is soft, thin, and flexes with the shirt.


I really like this not just for the comfort but because you never know when you need to remind the world how Sionics Rifles (my sponsor for this class), via a patch, feels about yo couch, single mothers, and pork.

I mentioned that I decided to wear the shirt again on day 3 because it was so comfortable. To do so I had to rinse it out thoroughly first that morning, because it was visibly marbled with my body salt. No problem though; it dried quickly in the morning sun. Just a dunk in water and it was looking and smelling clean again, a testament to the material and the Odorexx treatment. The durability of the shirt was remarkable, especially at the elbows (I’m pretty sure Will Petty, our VCQB instructor, has stock invested in elbow patches and band-aids). Most attendees of this class broke skin if they were not wearing elbow and knee pads because of the rock and glass strewn surface. One attendee even forgot what happens when bare elbow meets glass when not on a Hollywood set but rather on a very real Firelance Media set. My elbows were bleeding, but the material of the shirt at the elbows didn’t present with any visible wear.



As you can see I’m tickled shitless about this shirt, but is it going to replace your duty uniform shirt? No, but I could absolutely see this shirt adopted by many training organizations as their daily uniform of choice. Petty himself was rocking the Boss Rugby as was Firelance and the staff from 88 Tactical.



If you’re looking for a great hot weather shirt to be worn either on a tacti-casual Friday or out in the field then definitely give the Boss Rugby a try.

The shirt comes in the following colors:


Earth tan

Wolf gray


Coyote brown

Ranger green

For sizing purposes I found this chart from SKD Tactical to be pretty accurate. I wear medium in most uniform style shirts and polos and that corresponds with the Boss Rugby.

Sizing Guide:

Sm / Md / Lg / XL / 2X / 3X

38 / 40 / 44 / 46 / 52 / 56 (Chest)

30 / 32 / 34 / 38 / 44 / 48 (Waist)


• Modern Rugby Style Collar

• Two Envelope Pockets on the Sleeve

• Loop on Sleeve Pockets

• Highly Breathable

• Enhanced wicking chemistry

• Soil Release Treatment

• Dynamic Stretch and Recovery

• Odorexx™ Antimicrobial

• Non-chafing Heat Seal Tagless Label

Where to buy: I bought my shirts at SKD Tactical on sale for 59.00 USD

Petty got his from F3 Tactical, They’re also online at the Velocity Systems website, which is where Reeder got his:

Please leave comments below about your experience with this shirt . Need more info? Just ask below and one of the minions will be on it like a Craig Metzger at a Brony convention!



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About the author: One of our duskiest and insightful of minions, Mad Duo Freddy is a warrior philosopher who has been involved in tracking for over 20 years.freddy He’s former Marine of Yaqui Indian descent who who grew up in the desert of Arizona. He used to run the tracking portion of USMC Combat Hunter East at Camp Lejeune but now teaches via Greenside Training full time (when he’s not volunteering his time assisting local LEO and ESAR teams). Osuna was an infantry squad leader with 1/4 Marines before completing the Scout Sniper indoc program/Scout Sniper School, eventually working as Staff NCOIC, 1ST Marine MTU. There he was awarded a Gold Star for his Marine Corps Achievement Medal in lieu of second award for excellence in innovative training techniques, which we’re telling you because otherwise no one ever would. Osuna was later medically separated from the Marine Corps because he got kinda banged up (combat injuries sustained in OIF2). He’s the author of Index Tracking: Essential Guide to Trailing Man and Beast, and the guy who spearheaded both the development of GLINT (Green Laser Index Night Tracking), the Battlefield Tactical Acuity Course/BTAC and other courses (many of which involve primitive survival skills). Though Greenside specializes in the interdiction of highly evasive individuals who rely on terrain exploitation to harass or evade our forces, it does not (as many other schools do) focus on the TTPs necessary for running a tracking operation. Greenside creates trackers who see more. Greenside is fusing Native American fieldcraft with 21st century technology to offer classes for military, L.E., ESAR and civilian enthusiasts alike, of if you’re interested you should check them out on the web or Facebook.

Freddy Osuna - Tracking - Firelance Media

Freddy Osuna

Freddy Osuna

About the Author


  1. Addison

    Do the necks on these remain the same after repeated washes? I know some on some rugby shirts I’ve worn the necks became looser than Kate Gosselin’s vagina

  2. Freddy Osuna

    Best thing since pockets on a t-shirt!

  3. Ernesto Noblejas

    This shirt is one of the most comfortable non-single-mom items I have ever had the pleasure to press against my chest.

  4. David Walsh

    Thank you for the great review!

    I would like to add that the Boss Rugby uses 100% American made materials and is sewn right here in the USA.

    Glad that you like them!


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