The Roo Hammock | A Report From The Field

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Hammocks are the definition of being lazy, and the Roo Hammock, made by Kammok, helps reaffirm the hammock-laziness stereotype with its design and straightforward setup. The Roo as defined by Kammok is “the world’s best camping hammock.

After spending a couple of nights in it, I feel that sums up the product pretty well.

The Roo Hammock designed by Kammock
Bam Bam being lazy in the Roo Hammock

Launched in 2011 via Kickstarter, Kammok began a mission to revolutionize the hammocking experience with its soft and sturdy “Lunarwave” weave material and climbing-like carabiner, Kanga Claw. The lightweight hammock is comfortable to carry and works well for long-term backpacking, and easy “throw it in the bag” day-camping. Kammok also pledges to donate 1% of their top line revenue to nonprofits.

The Roo Hammock designed by Kammock
The Roo Hammock in place.

Here is an excerpt from Kammock’s mission statement on their website,

“We believe there is a better way to experience the outdoors, through our core values of adventure, community, and love. … It is through these three pillars that the outdoors becomes transformative. It is our goal to get you outside, with others, whether you’re a first-time camper or an expert outdoorsman.”

The Roo Hammock designed by Kammock
Relaxing in the Roo.

The Roo is an all-out idiot-proof easy to set up hammock with instructional videos that Kammok has provided on their youtube channel.

The Roo comes in a water-resistant double compression sack, set up with its 10 ft long Python Straps (which you have to purchase separately) and the Kanga Claw; it guarantees quick setup to allow more time to either set up other aspects of camp or allow for longer hiking time.

The total weight of the Roo and the Python Straps is 3 lb which, inside with the small bag sizes ensures smaller and lighter storage and carrying space. The bag attached to the hammock, I have personally found, is very helpful to hold the things I usually carry in my pockets day-to-day while camping.

An excellent feature for a person who strategically misplaces stuff all the time, and I exploit it.

The Roo Hammock designed by Kammock,
Roo Hammock’s Double Compression Packaging


The Roo Hammock designed by Kammock
Roo Hammock Python Strap

While it may not be the greatest thing to take for cold weather camping, I took it with my sleeping bag and my li’l poncho liner in 40° (that’s Fahrenheit for those of you who don’t follow Americanism) and was just fine. The “Lunarwave” is honestly one of the softest materials that I have experienced with a hammock, and I felt like I was sleeping on air.

The Roo Hammock designed by Kammock
Lunarwave in the Roo Hammock

Although you have to add the Python Straps separately (for an extra $22), in my opinion, it’s a necessary purchase to get the full use of the Roo. Overall, the Roo double hammock with its easy idiot-proof setup and a great design appears to be an excellent purchase for the price.

The Roo Hammock designed by Kammock

Here’s what Gear Patrol says about the Roo.

Here’s another review, this one by GEARIST.

Specs of Roo:
Dimensions: 5’7″ × 10′ / 170 cm × 300 cm
Max Capacity: 500 lb / 227 kg
Packed Dimensions: 5.5″ × 6.5″
Total Weight: 24 oz / 674 g
Fabric: LunarWave™ Ripstop
Stress Points: Reinforced and Bar-Tacked
Seams: Triple Stitch and Comfort Seams™
Carabiners: 23 kN
Gear Loops: 8 Reinforced
Components: YKK Ultralight
Thread: High Tensile Strength

Specs of Python Straps:
Combined Length: 20 ft
Total Weight: 12 oz / 340 g
Max Capacity: 500 lb / 227 kg
Fabric: Polyester Tubular Webbing
Stitching: Bar-Tack
Attachment Points: 18 Daisy-Chain Points
Thread: High Tensile Strength
Packed Dimensions: 4″ × 5.5″
Tree Friendly: .75″ Width

The Roo Hammock designed by Kammock
Unpackaging the Roo Hammock


The Roo Hammock designed by Kammock


The Roo Hammock designed by Kammock


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