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Lowa Renegade GTX Lo Boots - made in Slovakia
October 4, 2018  
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Greetings and salutations everyone who might have the need to put something sturdy on their feet before venturing forth into the world. Today we review the LOWA Renegade GTX Lo Trail Shoes.

German-Slovakian Bootgineering | LOWA Boots

LOWA is no newcomer when it comes to performance footwear. The company has been producing quality products since the early 1920s. The company headquarters are located in Jetzendorf near Munich, Germany. They began making leather boots for Alpine mountain infantry units and specialized lace-up boots for skiers. During the 40’s and 50’s, Lowa struggled with raw goods prices and began to struggle. Leather goods increased 50% seemingly overnight and forced the company to look into other material types.

I know this because I researched the company when I received a pair for review. Here’s one of them now.

LOWA Renegade

The 1970s brought on the innovation of vulcanized rubber soles and Lowa’s air system increasing the wearer’s comfort and providing optimal fitment. As the company continued to grow and expand they released several lines of specialized boots and shoes for practically every outdoor activity. In the year 2000, the company hit a major milestone selling 1 million pairs of footwear in one year and in a short decade they double that selling 2 million units in 2010.

LOWA Renegade

Lowa has a huge presence in German-speaking countries and is continuously expanding across the globe. I was fortunate to have a pair of the popular Renegade GTX Lo trail shoes sent for review.

LOWA Renegade

Here is the highlight direct from Lowa.

Lowa Boots Renegade GTX Lo Trail Shoes | Specs

This low-cut trail shoe features a hybrid DuraPU/DynaPU midsole for superb cushioning, support and rebound. Add a roomy toe box and extra cushioning around the collar and tongue and you’ve got a rugged walking shoe that can handle rocky trails and wet fields as well as groomed paths. Durably waterproof/breathable.

• Upper Material: Nubuck Leather
• Construction: Slip Lasted – Injected PU
• Lining: GORE-TEX
• Lacing Hardware: Eyelets
• Insole: Atc Footbed
• Midsole: Double Injection DuraPU with DynaPU shock absorbing zones
• Monowrap Frame: MONOWRAP Support Frame
• Sole: VIBRAM Evo Trac
• Stabilizer: Soft
• Country of Origin: Slovakia
• Weight (lb) 2.28

GTX Los – Eyes On

Upon arrival, the shoes fit perfectly out of the box. I wear a size 9 in most shoes except for Vans so the Lowa are true to size. From the start, the shoes were extremely comfortable. I had read other reviews of Lowa footwear and many claimed a “break-in” was not required. This was most definitely my experience. The inner soles conformed to my medium-high arches and no heel pain has been noticed in the almost two months of daily wear. There is a heel cup present on the inner sole that helps with stability. The toe is generous in space and allows some wiggle vertically but not horizontal. This makes for a comfortable space that is not binding.

LOWA Renegade

The exterior of the shoes is made of leather and incorporate Gore-Tex. It has been very dry in Idaho this summer (as usual) so a thorough wet test has not been completed. The shoes are comfortable enough that they have been worn for practically every daily activity, including mowing the lawn. The exterior has been easy to keep clean and has avoided the dreaded green hue from grass clippings. One minor complaint is the lack of a pull tap/ finger loop on the back of the shoe for helping pull it on. In no way is this a deal breaker as it is merely this authors preference.

The sole is the industry standard Vibram, specifically the Evo Trac. The tread pattern is optimized for the outdoors and provides a good grip on a variety of terrain. The toe and heel also incorporate a tighter pattern to help with uphill and downhill movements. The soles provide excellent shock absorption, I was advised that the Renegades will easily handle a day pack so naturally loading up a pack with 40 pounds and taking the dog for a walk was my next step. The shoes handled the weight without issue. Because they are a low-cut shoe, ankle support should be taken into consideration with heavier loads or rougher terrain.

LOWA Renegade

Trail Shoes from LOWA | Methinks…

Potential buyers are cleared how.

Lowa has a long-standing history of providing footwear to the military and those that spend time in the outdoors. These shoes are an example of their quality and craftsmanship and should serve me well for a decent amount of time. Overall, I can recommend these shoes for an everyday, general use piece of footwear. They handle the elements well, provide stability, and are very comfortable. It is hard to ask for much more.


Lowa Boots: read more about other styles.

Lowa is online: lowaboots.com.

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Lowa Boots on Midway USA.

Lowa Boots on Optics Planet.

Lowa Boots at US Elite Gear.



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