The Real Women of SHOT

tatiana whitlock
January 26, 2017  
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The Real Women of SHOT

Too often our industry focuses solely on the visual virtues of our fairer counterparts and little else. We extol boobs and butts, but sometimes forget about the brains and business. Don’t get us wrong–we certainly appreciate aesthetics as much as anyone else… but what about some actual role models? Gun bunnies may have their place bringing gobs of Instagram likes and putting boots into booths, but worthy inspirations for our daughters, nieces, and girlfriends who may have career aspirations they ain’t. We need more.

While we were at SHOT SHOW 2017 we were fortunate enough to meet with a handful of women who in our esteem are drivers in the industry. We apologize in advance to all of the subjects, as the lighting conditions at SHOT are notoriously horrible, and we were catching most of these amazing ladies in the middle of the busiest show of the year. We can’t thank them enough for setting aside a few minutes for us to snipe a picture or two.

Without further ado:

Alexandria Kincaid – Attorney at Alex Kincaid Law, Author, Public Speaker, and Legal Analyst

Lynn Davis – Owner of Dark Angel Medical

Jackie Haisley – Marketing at BattleComp Enterprises

Cindy Daniel – Owner of Daniel Defense

Niki Jones – Editor in Chief of Sure Shots Magazine

Tatiana Whitlock – Director of Training & Events at Howell’s Indoor Range & Gun Shop, NRA Personality, Product Designer and Systems Engineer at G-Code Holsters

Brittney Stalvey – Marketing Manager, Professional Market at Aimpoint Inc.

Tiffany Yerby – Director of Design at 5.11 Tactical

Jacqueline Carrizosa – Veteran, Athlete, Actress, Motivational Speaker, and Firearms Instructor

Lindsey Lea – Director of Marketing & Business Development at Grey Ghost

Melody Lauer – Director of Training for Citizens Defense Research

Megan Holly – Owner of White Raven Communications

Hana Bilodeau – Instructor at Sig Sauer Academy and Active Law Enforcement Officer

Jen Tuttle – Business and Marketing Director at Sig Sauer Academy

Amanda Furrer – Former Olympic Team Member and Commercial Sales Manager at Glock

Carlie Winegar – Export Manager at Glock

Amy Coyne – VP OCIE Market at ADS, Inc.

Ashley Hlebinsky – Robert W. Woodruff Curator, Cody Firearms Museum

Katie Godfrey – Senior Global Account Executive at Nielsen Kellerman, maker of Kestrel Instruments

Katie Seekins – Owner of Seekins Precision

KJ Howe – International Thriller Author

Alix James – CEO of Nielsen Kellerman, maker of Kestrel Instruments

Mary Deschain – Director of Administration at B.E. Meyers & Co

Lisa Dwyer – Sales and Firearms Compliance Manager at Grey Ghost


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  1. Cotter W. Sayre

    Great post — I love seeing more women working in the firearm’s field.

  2. Ordnance Marine

    Great post!!!

    When I get home from work, it will be shared with my wife.

  3. Bree Michael Warner

    As a female shooter, I love seeing more and more women getting involved in the firearms community. PS. I might be a little biased as she’s a friend, but Amanda Furrer is the best! She’s incredibly sweet, talented and smart. An excellent role model for young women!

  4. Wendell waddell

    As the proude father of 2 amazing daughters, I Love that this was posted, well done and well said thank you!!!

  5. Joe

    Great idea to post this, hopefully it’ll help get more women into the industry. I think we’ve all gained from what these ladies have done.

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