RE Factor’s Reversible Rain Fly

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| November 30, 2014
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Add a level of durable water resistance to your kit with the RE Factor Reversible Rain Fly.


One product we have been using a lot recently is the “RE Factor Tactical Reversible Rain Fly” from – wait for it – RE Factor Tactical.

This lightweight, self-storing rainfly is offered in both tan and MultiCam, with a bright orange panel on the reverse. The cover is specifically designed to fit on their popular ASO Bag and will also fit most other 3-day “Assault” style sized backpacks. This is actually a very useful size as many people pack their larger rucks with waterproofing bags while smaller packs receive little or no protection. Considering how many Marines, Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and other pew professionals use bags this size, the rain fly will fit most in common use. Generally smaller backpacks of this nature are carried on patrols and short duration missions, where the user can be exposed to harsh elements for hours or even days. If you wind up deluged by a brutal storm passing over (or have to RON someplace open to a lasting rain), both the warfighter and his equipment can get drenched pretty damn quick. This is a huge issue if he is carrying sensitive electronics, documents or optics in his bag. Since many of these items are small, it wouldn’t make as much sense to waterproof them individually inside the pack. Doing so will slow down locating and deploying mission essential equipment out of the bag, so this is generally out of practice with most units. By adding the run fly, you can provide a good layer of water resistance to your bag in only a few seconds. The lightweight nylon cover easily attaches to your MOLLE webbing, D-rings or straps, and is quick to remove for rapid access to your gear.

Grunts: deluge.





When not in use, the cover stuffs into its own included sack. The complete unit only weighs 6.2 oz and compresses surprisingly small. One of the coolest features of the RE Factor rainfly is the fact that it is reversible. If you use a tan colored pack in the desert, but move into the woods you can add camouflage via the Multicam cover. The same application goes for woodland colored gear being used in a desert environment. Many pipe hitters carry a VS-17 signal panel or similar high visibility means of attracting attention. With the Hi-Vis orange side of the panel, you can have a means of signal at the ready for E&E, ECAS, MEDEVAC or just general marking. For the civilian side of the house, this might be attractive to outdoorsmen and hunters. The cover also features Velcro for attaching name tapes, morale patches, IFF IR patches or strobes to the outside. 


The rain fly has a strong elastic cord which adds retention and hugs the cover tight to the bag. With a cord lock to tighten the cover down, you can avoid having it flap in high wind or having it snag on foliage. With the rainy fall we have been having this year, we have found the rain fly to be quiet, convenient and highly water resistant. It’s quick to pull on and off, and works great with a selection of 3-day style packs we like to use. We like the material, and like many American Jedi, we appreciate RE Factor offering such a product that’s made right here in America. We think if you are going to be outside with a smaller pack, this is definitely a useful aid to keep your gear dry.  Check it out here and while you are on their site, scope out their line of Survival gear, bags, and cool guy swag!

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