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| January 24, 2019
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Range day at SHOT of course was windy as hell. I’m not talking balmy breezes, I’m talking gusts up to 45MPH, the kind that makes you have to put some effort into walking.

Well, that is if you’re 5 ft 4 in. and 120 pounds anyway.

So one of our assignments editors (Ryan, Lord Ser Chillycock) asked us to give him our top 3.

“You’re only allowed to pick 3 things you liked the most,” he said, and I did. though I’d have mentioned many more if I’d had the option.

Here goes…but keep in mind, I’m getting sandblasted as I’m walking into strong headwinds as I’m looking at this. I was also trying to keep my camera lenses from the same sorta sandblasting I once gave motorcycle sheet metal when I ran a bike shop in Pittsburgh. I was a bit on edge, but this is what I enjoyed the most, in order of how the day unfolded.

SHOT Show Range Day - an overview by Sara Liberte

1. Warrior the Service Dog.

Warrior is a gorgeous white lab whose dad is a retired Sergeant Major combat photog. Warrior was on top of those hand signal commands and had eyes to melt any girl he flashed them at. When one of those beautiful young girls squatted down next to him for a photo, he made sure to give an eye signal to his pops like “Ha, see that old man? I get ‘em every time.”

SHOT Show Range Day - an overview by Sara Liberte

2. Shooting the United Defense AK 103X.

I don’t know why. I just love the shit out of shooting an AK.



SHOT Show Range Day - an overview by Sara Liberte

3. Meeting and shaking hands with Kris “Tanto” Paronto.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting lots of rock stars and celebrities as a photographer over the years, but none have ever had the effect on me like I had today. Growing up the younger sister to an Army Ranger, and having listened to Kris speak, I was humbled for the opportunity to shake hands with a true patriot.

More in the coming days, I have pictures and video and guns to shoot!




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