Questionable Training Practices?

December 16, 2015  
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You may recall our post about giving your training partner a sucking chest wound, and at least on the surface level this video from AK Operators Union looks similar. Don’t get us wrong; you absolutely can be too safe during training. Still, it looks like a whole lot can go sideways here, even if marksmanship is pristine.

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Watch the video and give is your feedback. What say you? Would you do this in a class?

⚠️ Some hyperlinks in this article may contain affiliate links.
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  1. Tom @ wydd

    Hmmmmm, i train so i can shoot the bad guy to prevent having shots that close to my fucking face

    this is stupid. the instructors are asshats but the real chumps are the ones who paid said asshats to endanger their life

  2. R.S. Mitchell

    I called my insurance company. You know what they said. It is practice and not worth the risk. Just make sure you have an assumption of risk form filled out if you do.


    It’s about risk and reward. Live fire training is inherently risky but we do it because there is a payoff in combat.

    Risk without reward is simply stupid. What those people are doing is extremely and unnecessarily risky and I see little to no reward. A slip of the finger or a ricochet and you have to fill out all the “Dead Trainee” paperwork.

    I wouldn’t sign up for this even if I knew and trusted the instructor.

  4. JB Gleason

    I thought we covered all this when the Russian “Instructor” shot his AI in the shoot house some time back? It’s all good until you put holes in some one during training. I have left training courses for a lot less than this.

  5. Charles

    So not only do I not trust people I don’t know to do shit like this. One of the instructors from the AK operators union said that this is a technique used in the 3rd infantry division….. Shows me that they have no fucking idea what they are talking about, witch in turn makes me not trust them even more.

  6. Chris R

    What a twat. I wonder what his background is?…

  7. Tobias P

    Hmm. I went to a course in Poland (or the Czech Republic – sorry, can’t remember which) which did something similar.I learned three things:1. You are probably going to fuck it up if the main thing on your mind is “that instructor is crazy”. If you concentrate, you will be fine.2. Seen from the shooter’s perspective, there is a lot of space between you and the impacts. It looks a lot more horrible from further back. This reminded me of the famous Swiss “two thumbs space for long distance” and “two fists space for short distance” rules: Appears unsafe, but it is enough.3. It is not necessary. If it was necessary, people would not make mistakes in the simulation but fail in practice. In my experience, even people with minimal training succeeded in both. So it is an additional level or realism that is not needed.

  8. BO'Neill

    0:49 = Irresponsibile fuckery

    • Wilson

      One day a simple rock will teach them the error of their ways via a ricochet.

      I’m honestly not sure that “Irresponsible fuckery” covers this. In fact, I’m not sure words exist to explain how stupid this is.

  9. SPC Demotable

    Why not use firecrackers in a steel can? There are so many other ways of making a scenario chaotic and challenging without using up live ammunition … that shit’s expensive.

  10. Fred the viking

    I am going to go with: NO WAY! Total dumbfuckery. Other than that, Michmike covered the finer points of what needs to be said.

    It is bad enough when people do shit like that by accident, or when the fuckers on the other side does shit like that because I have the luck I need. I would never invite some self proclaimed guru to shoot near my head.

    • Fred the viking

      To me the guy comes across as a total clown. There is no way I would attend shit like that. And to Ogre, I can only speak for countries in Western Europe (and a couple in the East), never have I come across people speak about intentional flagging, intentionally pointing a firearm towards the rear area of a firing range (of course, this might be a 360 range, and then that point is moot) or instructors behaving like clowns. Have I participated in drills and setups a lot more advanced than this? After 16 years in the armed forces (split between navy and army), with a bunch of pre-deployment trainings, deployments, time spent in recon, hard target arrest team, boarding teams and other shit – most certainly I have. But not this shit.

  11. Michmike

    Umm yea…. I do not know these people and I do not know the level of training they have. Yes they may have been in the military but being a REMF does not qualify u to shoot live rounds near people or make you and expert in training with live rounds. What is the caliber of the student because when I was in the military I knew the people I trained with and knew they would not come unhinged. All it takes is one fat bastard to loose his shit and then you have the makings of a very bad day.

    Honestly, having some one fire rounds near your gets the blood pumping but in the end no one is shooting AT you and trying to give you a bit of lead love.

    Yup, don’t know these people and don’t trust these people but hey that is me! Opinions may vary.

  12. Ogre

    SOP in many European militaries. Trained like that for years, never a problem.

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