Think Being an Outspoken Pro-Gun Woman is Easy? THINK AGAIN.

by Jenn
December 31, 2017  
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Think Being an Outspoken Pro-Gun Woman is Easy? THINK AGAIN.

Jenn Jacques

Recently, my good friend Stephen Gutowski from the Washington Free Beacon put together a fantastic article highlighing the vile attacks on pro-gun women.

In interviews with the Washington Free Beacon, four prominent pro-gun women detailed the deluge of vitriol and attempted intimidation they face. Each shared their own experience with death and rape threats as well as threats and hatred directed at their children. Each explained how they’d been forced to involve law enforcement during credible threats to their safety.

All the women who spoke to the Free Beacon have had to alter their daily lives in order to minimize the risk that someone angered by their advocacy might find their homes or where their children go to school. They guard their social media accounts, remain keenly aware of their surroundings, and train their children on what to do in the case of a home intruder. Some of the women have even made efforts to disassociate their names from their property records due to harassment.

Kimberly Corban, an outspoken rape survivor who famously held then President Obama’s feet to the fire during the CNN Townhall ‘Guns in America’ in January 2015.

“I’ve been speaking out about sexual assault and rape and victim trauma for 11 years now, and it really wasn’t until I ‘came out’ as being conservative or pro-gun that I started receiving any backlash,” Corban recalled. “It’s horrifying. It reinforces why I carry. Nothing about my message or my experience changed. All that changed was how other people were interpreting that.”

“In terms of threats, violence, at least every week there’s something and 99 percent of it I don’t take seriously,” Dana Loesch told Gutowski. “Then when they get your cell phone number—that’s different. I was public about that which maybe I shouldn’t have been but I always think the best disinfectant is sunlight. Someone opened up an account on Twitter and their handle was my cell phone number. Then they were posting pictures of my house and saying the craziest, awful stuff.”

I’m not only blessed to call each one of these women my good friend, but I was also invited to share my experiences with the Free Beacon as well. As the President/CEO of AIM Hunting, an outspoken Second Amendment defender and concealed carry advocate, I’m no stranger to threats and vile reactions to my hoorah freedom loving so-called “hate speech”.

“I’ve heard a lot of ‘do us all a favor and swallow your gun.’ It’s just so bad. The thing is they all claim to be against gun violence. They all claim to be the tolerant left but they are literally the most violent, heinous people out there,” I shared with the Free Beacon. “I’m sure a lot of it is that they’re hiding behind a computer screen.”

Here, I talk about my experience as well as the article with Cam Edwards on the NRA TV news program Cam&Co:

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About the Author: Jenn “Jakes” Jacques was born and raised in a big Belgian family in rural Northern Wisconsin — but don’t hold that against her. This does, however, make her sound Canadian-ish don’tchaknow and that you can hold against her.

She is the daughter of a great hunter, a wife, a mother, a Visiting Fellow with the Independent Women’s Forum, a frequent pontificatatrix1 for the NRA, a former editor for Bearing Arms, and what we describe around here as a “good gal with a gun.” She frequently appears all over NRA TV, has been covered by, the Washington Post, and Women’s Outdoor News, but perhaps most importantly, she has a ridiculous working knowledge of 80’s movie trivia.

Jakes is an active and ardent supporter of the Second Amendment, an outspoken concealed carry advocate, and an avid outdoorswoman. If you can’t find her fishing, she’s likely hunting or running like a frenetic mad woman (kinda the same way she talks) on any number of Badger State nature trails.

Jenn (once crowned Miss Barron County!) is a former private investigator who once made a field goal in the Don Hudson Center at 30 yards (true story). She is married to a great beast of a man with whom she has three children.

Jenn drinks Pabst Blue Ribbon and has great taste in bourbon. ‘Nuff said.

Jenn’s website is called Just Jenn and if you’re a social media freak like she is, you can find her on Twitter and on Facebook but she’s always blabbering about something somewhere, so follow her to stay in the know.

1 Yes, we made that term up, don’t tell us how to Freedom.

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  1. Frank Karl

    I’ve always believed the Second Amendment protects the First Amendment. Both amendments provide the teeth Americans need to protect and secure the basic freedoms we daily enjoy. I still believe this.I’ve never quite understood the anger and vitriol that people vomit on the Internet, talk radio and other anonymous forms of speech. Their hatred of the people and organizations that protect their ability to spew this venom is just crazy.While I’m not subject to this trash, my limited experience is the majority of these morons are unable to say these things unless they are protected by the safety of the crowd.Have the Great New Years and know you’re right and most Americans support you.

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