Primary Arms Unleashes Half a Dozen New Prism Sights

Primary Arms ACSS Reticle
| April 21, 2020
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Prism sights are some of my favorite styles of sights. I love their small size, their magnification, their reticles, and even the fact the etched reticles don’t need batteries to work. Maybe it’s because the GWOT raised me and the ACOG was god back in the day. Primary Arms seems to like to flirt with me will all of their new prism sights. They released a half dozen so far this year and we are going to take a peek at the new optics they are tossing out.

Prism Sights GO!

SLx 5x36mm Fixed 5-Power Optics

These first two are fixed 5-power optics. 5 is on the high range of fixed-power prism sights and perfect for those 500-yard shots with a standard semi-auto rifle. The SLx 5x36mm scopes are available in a 5.56/308 ACSS reticle and the 5.56 Aurora reticle. These reticles provide drop for ranges out to an optimistic 800 yards. They allow you to place shots with some serious accuracy way out there as long as you know how to squeeze that trigger. These prism sights are hefty at 18.4 ounces, but also rock-solid and not little lady sights.

Primary Arms SLx 5x36mm scope with 5.56 Aurora reticle.

SLx 5x36mm scope with 5.56 Aurora reticle.

SLx 3×36 Prism

The next set is a little more humble SLx 3×36 prism for 5.56 and 7.62/300 Blackout rounds. The 3X is more my speed for a prism sight as it’s perfectly usable for that 300-yard sweet spot, but not such a high magnification close-range shooting isn’t possible. The new SLx 3x models will sports the ACSS CQB reticle in their respective calibers.

SLx 3x36 prism for 5.56.

SLx 3×36 prism for 5.56.

GLx2x Prism Sights

Lastly, we get the little guys, the 2X prism sights. I have no experience with 2x Prisms, but I’m intrigued by the idea and the design. The GLx2x is available with the ACCS CQB-m5 reticles and in two different models. The first is the 5.56/308/5.45 and the second is the 7.62×39/300 Blackout reticle.

Primary Arms GLx2x 5.56/308/5.45 prism sight.

GLx2x, 5.56/308/5.45 model.

Prismed Out

Primary Arms is big into the Prism Sight world and unleashing 6 more at one time seems cruel to fans like I. I think I’ll grab a 2X. It seems like most are available now, but already on backorder, because, well Primary Arms makes good stuff at a good price. Check ’em out.

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