Pitbull Tactical Universal Mag Carrier

Pitbull Tactical Universal Magazine Carriers easily accommodate double stack mags from the Sig P228.
| September 3, 2020
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Every now and then, I have the pleasure to use a product that is so simply made and easy to use, that I just shake my head in wonder and smile. Such is the case with the Universal Mag Carrier from Pitbull Tactical.

The carriers are extremely light, weighing next to nothing. They are designed to accommodate single and double stack magazines from 9mm to .45 ACP, and they perform as advertised. The magazines from my .380 caliber Sig P238 will not fit in the carriers. However, this is not a criticism, as the carriers are not designed for .380 magazines.

I received three mag carriers for review, and they came in a mixture of colors: Black/Grey, Flat Dark Earth, and OD Green. The assortment of colors adds to the cool factor.

Pitbull tactical universal mag carrier with  Glock 43X.

Mags for the Glock 43X fit very well. All magazines leave the carrier smoothly when drawn. The retention is great!

The clip on the carriers will fit any 1.5-inch belt, and they are very easy to take on and off. In addition, they will fit inside or outside the waistband. The rounds can face forward or backward, user’s choice.

Part of the beauty is in the simplicity — there are no screws or adjustments. I clipped one on my belt, inserted a magazine, and that was that. It took me a whole five seconds to put one into use.

Pitbull Universal Mag Carrier with P228 magazine inserted.

P228 mag is inserted. The belt clip can be seen. Easy to don and remove, yet securely stays in place. A lot of thought went into this design.

So how does it put tension on the magazine in order to retain the mag? There is a thick, flexible harness that goes around the frame of the magazine carrier, and when a mag is inserted, the band stretches, creating tension. It’s far thicker and more durable than a rubber band, but it sort of works like a rubber band. The amount of tension that the magazines are carried under is perfect; it retains the magazine, and yet when the user grabs a mag and extracts it, the magazine quickly exits the carrier.

Glock 43X magazine in Pitbull Universal Mag Carrier.

Glock 43X magazine in the carrier. The flexible bands can be seen near the top and bottom of the carrier, which create the tension that retains the magazines.

The carriers are compact enough that a couple of them can be carried on one’s belt without taking up a huge amount of real estate. The clip also allows them to be attached to load-bearing equipment, packs, etc. easily.

Now two of the best parts about this product: It is very reasonably priced and is made in the USA! These days, the fact that I can support products that are made in the USA is important to me, and is something that I like to do.

These are available from Pitbull Tactical and they advertise a limited lifetime warranty. I’ve been on their website and have seen for myself that if you have an issue with the magazine carrier, they are very responsive and will make it right.

If you’re looking for a simple, light, durable magazine carrier that allows you to access a magazine very quickly while retaining it securely, and that goes on and off your belt quickly and easily, look no further. I will be using these for a long time to come.

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