People We Banged At SHOT Show

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| February 11, 2016
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What happens in Vegas…clears up with a little antibiotics and a good scrubbing. For the last couple years at SHOT Show we’ve been banging our friends or interesting people we meet. Industry leaders, entrepreneurs, the best tactical instructors in the business, famous designers, storied shooters…we’ve been banging everyone we deemed worthy for the couple few SHOTs. It’s actually become something of a tradition. We thought we would share a few images of those we banged this time around — unfortunately, although we handed out 150 of them (as we do every year) we only actually remembered to take a handful of pictures.


I Got Banged Montage

If you got banged, and your picture isn’t in the lineup below, send us a selfie why don’tcha? Better yet, if you have a picture from SHOT after you got banged, we’d like to see a copy.


Gollum selfie

Use “[email protected]” At some point, one of us will sober up or quit watching porn long enough to check our e-mail and we’ll add it in. Or, just text it to one of the minions you know.




SHOT Show Daniel Defense Got Banged SHOT Show SHOT Show SHOT Show

I got banged at SHOT Show


I got banged at SHOT Show

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  1. JESullivan

    SHOT show back 7-8 years ago, my pal Haney dragged me clear of the carnage after a good lookin’ babe at a private gig at the Wynn convinced herself that I was some retired cop fella named Gary ( close enough for me!) and presented me with all she had saved-up from the year previous. She insisted.. I had no choice and what kind of guest would I have been?? No medical intervention was required, though some of the lads who caught wind of the event were rough on the old guy …wow, I thought I was going somewhere with that story…just a brief flashback I guess.

  2. voodoo_man

    didn’t get banged dont care.

  3. Jeremy Stafford

    I would have taken more pictures of the people I handed them out to, but I was drunk.

  4. Jerry Morrison

    I really expected more boobies in this article.

  5. Wilson

    There needs to be a mix between SHOT and the adult film trade show.

    I’ll bet BB&C cleans up… er… something at that trade show.


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