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The shooting community is diverse, with people from all walks of life and interests exercising their Second Amendment rights daily. From attending trade shows, taking factory tours, or just checking out a new “garage” company on the rise, we get to see it all. From titans of the industry to a sole individual with an idea and a dream, the American entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well. We see it in many different forms, from works by fellow writers, Youtube videos, podcasts, training classes, product engineers to even marketing companies. A whole industry of unique jobs, most of which are run and operated exclusively inside our borders, revolve around us in the shooting community. We recently stumbled upon another new start up, the Patriot Patch Co.


Patriot Patch Co. was established by Ryan Cross & Jacob Challand in May of 2015. These two gents had the dream of partnering to form the new company as a means of bringing unique designs to the shooting market. Ryan & Jake are setting out to create awesome designs you can wear on your clothes, range bag or rifle case. The company started with specialized morale patches, made from 3D printed vinyl. Aside from their own designs they intend to also offer custom patches as a service, allowing anyone to produce their own cool-guy patch in a timely and economical manner. Ryan Cross is a graphic designer by trade, with a fine arts degree from the Art institute of Seattle. His creative mind will craft your custom design, logo, or message and Patriot Patch Co. will get it made. 


Jacob Challand might be a familiar name to a few of you reading this, as he is the President of the Firearms Radio Network and the Host of Gun Guy Radio & This Week in Guns. These popular podcasts continue to grow, as they mainly discuss 2A-relevant issues currently in the news.


Gun lovers Jason Challand and Ryan Cross form a great team, and we hope to see their continued success. “Each patch is unique, bold and highly awesome,” they say. “We won’t make anything that we don’t love ourselves.” Here is your chance to have a commemorative patch or T-shirt made to mark your special event, corporate brand, a nonprofit foundation, or anniversary. Patriot Patch Co. will be sure to produce a custom design for you that that will boost morale or spread your message in a unique way. We like to root for the little guys and the up-and-comers, and maybe you do too. Go give Patriot Patch Co. a look!

Buy your blasters, blaster parts, and ammunition at dealer cost. 
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$9.95/mo., no additional fees; sumthin’ to think about if you spend more than a couple hundred bucks on this stuff! 



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