On the Range with RE Factor Tactical’s New Targets

| October 9, 2015
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RE Factor has some new targets out that immediately caught our eye. Since we here at B-B-C like to try to get the most out of our training time, money and effort we immediately saw the value in the two new targets being offered. One is called the KILL ZONE and the other the IQ target.


The Kill Zone Target 

We shot an earlier version of this target, back when the barrel-chested, freedom-loving former USMC Scout-Snipers at Max Ordinate Academy developed it. We like those dudes immensely, so we were pleased to see them partner with RE Factor to bring these targets into the mainstream.

The Kill Zone Target is basically a variation of a standard IPSC target, only printed on a full 23″ x  35″  heavy card stock sheet. The KILL Zone has a clever overlay of basic human anatomy, I.E. the critical internal infrastructure that you want to put bullets through. The collaborative target is designed to give shooters the ability to shoot IPSC “standards” and also allow them to see how their rounds would affect the human body. They’re printed here in the USA, and available in 10, 25, 50, and 100 count packs.

We took some out to shoot and were pleased to discover that the human anatomy is lightly printed, which makes it somewhat difficult to see past 20 yards or so. This will help you from “gaming the game” of always shooting for the heart, spine, or ocular cavity dead on. Bad guys don’t run around with t-shirts showing where their evil hearts reside, so remember to always shoot center of mass and get good hits. We see the value in these targets in a wide range of training applications, and different disciplines of shooting.


The IQ Target 

Next is the new IQ Target. This sheet target, the same size as the Kill Zone above, takes a much different approach. It’s designed to create and reinforce “thinking shooters.”  So what exactly does that mean? For years our nation’s most elite troops have shot a variety of targets, and not just human silhouettes. The Green Berets and Marines have been shooting a variety of drills using different colors, shapes, and numbers for years to help reinforce target identification. Our editor often has his guys shooting different colored balloons numbered or labeled with a letter to accomplish the same thing (which is even more fun when some of the balloons are ‘hostages) and some are bad guys).

The IQ target takes an infinite combination of shapes, colors, numbers, and letters, and puts them all on one target. The use is pretty straightforward. An instructor, student or range buddy calls out different target combos for the shooter, to create a wide variety of shooting problems. You can start slow, by calling out a color, requiring a hit all on that shade. As you pick up speed, you can also increase the difficulty. 


Shooters can be given more complex scenarios such as “Shoot at the squares and triangles that contain a number.” The idea is it forces the shooter accustomed shooting one sequence, or one target style to think past the need to shoot and focus on shooting the correct targets. Thinking is the first step in shooting, and takes precedence over just punching holes in paper. The 3″ shapes make this target suitable for close range pistol work, carbine at CQB distance or long-range shots with a precision rifle.

These targets are also offered in 10, 25, 50 and 100 round packs. We have found this style of shooting drill to make a huge difference in rapid target ID, particularly right before heading into a shoot house full of friendlies and threats. 


We think you’re going to get a lot out of these targets, and here is your chance to use similar training techniques as America’s finest warriors. Head over to RE Factor Tactical and give them a look.

You can find RE Factor Tactical online here and on Facebook here or follow them on Instagram (@refactortactical).

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  1. Frank

    Great ideas.

    Now if someone would just make a kill zone target with the head and body turned a little to the left or right, maybe with the head looking down or canted sideways so we can see how the brain and heart change profile.

    I’ve been looking for one like that and while I find photo ‘realism’ targets with the ‘kill zone’ marked, they don’t have organs printed to show why the gray outlined blob is a kill zone.


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