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When the original Jurassic Park came out more than two decades ago it was a hit; then Hollywood attempted to capitalize on it and made some mediocre sequels. It’s been trendy to take our favorite movies and destroy them in recreation (*cough* Indiana Jones *cough*) but every once in a while they hit it right. While we have no idea how Jurassic World is going to shake out (they’ve got big shoes to fill), we’re eagerly awaiting its release. Wong and his Yakuza crew got together to make a fan film and we think you’ll enjoy it, despite the lack of cosplay cleavage. Mad Duo


Jurassic World

Greg Wong

So recently a few friends of mine from the Jurassic Park motor pool and a few friends from the cosplay (Costume Play) community got together and made this fun Jurassic World-inspired short film. This is a look into life of the movie’s fictional Asset Containment Unit (ACU). The ACU is made up of the “Soldiers” of Jurassic World, who are essentially the thin blue line between chaos and control at the park. In this short video they are sent out to find the park’s Raptor handler who has gone missing in the restricted area of Isla Nublar (The Island). With little to no budget and only a weekend to do it we were able to put this video together just for the hell of it. Everyone brought their own gear and donated their time and energy.


The collaboration with the JP motor pool was quite spectacular as it is very surreal to see these things rolling through jungle in southern California. The Jeeps themselves are 1990’s era YJ Jeep Wranglers, specifically the Sahara Edition. This was the exact model used in the original film. To build a Jurassic Park jeep that is screen accurate would cost roughly $7-8,000, and once complete you have a movie car that is not only affordable but can really hit the trails and go off road. The motto of the group, “Live the Adventure“, really captures the spirit of the vehicle and what it’s all about.


Featured in the video is gear from Krytepk, PTS Syndicate, and… JTF Awesome members 5.11, Vertx, and Ares Gear Inc. The equipment used by the ACU is a combination of gear consisting of a Kryptek Gunfighter or combat top, 5.11 Stryke pants, an Ares Gear belt, a hat and the appropriate badges or patches. One of the reasons we liked the idea of the ACU is because it brings a more realistic approach to how you would deal with prehistoric creatures at the park. The ACU is also more relatable to warfighters today as they are portrayed more as troops rather than your typical security outfit.



While there are a few hiccups on how tactically sound things were it really came down to how much time we had to get folks on the same page. Simply put, there was barely enough time to shoot it so we didn’t worry much about tactics. Some of the crew had to leave early and weren’t available for both days of shooting, but making this film was a still blast for everyone involved. Just riding in the jeeps was a pretty darn good time, let alone being able to interact with the amazing props brought to the shoot.


jurassic_wong005 jurassic_wong006

I hope you enjoy our brief adventure into Jurassic World on the island of Isla Nublar on this mission with the Asset Containment Unit.


Mad Duo, Breach-Bang & CLEAR!

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About the author: Greg Wong is a former 80-deuce paratrooper (1st Bde; C Co., 1st BSTB to be specific) who later served with the 78th Signal Bn in Japan before going on to spend about two years with the 112th Special Operations Battalion (Airborne). A self-professed Reenactment and MilSim junky and fps gamer, he did his six years active, then a couple more in an Army Reserve CASH in LA before getting out entirely. Many people know him from his participation in Off Duty Gamers, others know him from his consulting on FPS games like Battlefield and Ghost Recon.

He’s active with the 82nd Living History Association and the Jurassic Park Motor Pool, and is a dedicated WWII history buff. A self-deprecating, analytical, good-natured sumbitch, he currently works for both PTS and Ho-Tac.

If loving Greg is Wong, we don’t wanna be right.

Greg’s website is online here. You can also follow him on Instagram, @Spartan117GW, or subscribe to his YouTube channel.

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