National Rifle League Hunter Series One: A One Day Precision Rifle Match for Hunters

shooting a nrl hunter match on a deer stand
| June 1, 2023
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A while ago, we did a National Rifle League Hunter Series Brain Dump article. This article went over everything you need to know about the NRL Hunter series which involved a two-day match of finding, ranging, and engaging targets over 1000 yards away. NRL Hunter has now released the National Rifle League Hunter One series . This is a one-day match that is a great way to get your feet wet and being shooting within the NRL series without an entire weekend commitment. Read on to find out more about the NRL Hunter Brain Dump article and more information on NRL Hunter One.

National Rifle League Hunter Match Series | Brain Dump

National Rifle League Hunter One Series

With Sig Sauer sponsoring the 2023 season, NRLH One matches are now called Sig Sauer NRL Hunter Games. This is just to make life easier when searching for more info on the series.

The Hunter One Series is a one day event, different than the normal two day matches. These matches are meant to bring the series to local ranges and get shooters introduced to the sport before spending time and money on a two day national match.

Sign up fees are around $50.00, less than half of a two day match and very affordable. Targets will range from 100 to 1000 yards depending on the range, and rules will work just as normal NRL Hunter rules. The NRL Hunter One rules can be found here. 

How does it work?

After signing up on, you will be sent all of the information you need such as the schedule, ammo limits, etc. You will be shooting 8 – 10 stages, about half of a normal NRL Hunter two day match.


A normal NRL Hunter One schedule may look like this:

Hunting Experience Itinerary
Saturday, February 25

0700 – Check-in/Weigh-in
0700 – Zero Range Open, After Check-in/Weigh-in
0740 – Mandatory Range Orientation Brief
0800 – Hunting Match Experience Begins

Just like NRL Hunter, the Range Officers will also get to shoot and be awarded points. The RO’s will shoot on an RO day, probably the day prior to the normal match.

Championship Slots

One of the coolest opportunities that this series offers is that it awards shooters a slot for the overall NRL Hunter Finale Championship. Normally these slots are gained due to placing well in a 2 day match however, dependent on numbers that year, there will be slots just for NRL Hunter One shooters.

What Do I Need?

Due to a shorter match, an 8 stage match will be around 64 rounds at max. All gear and equipment recommendations will fall under normal NRL Hunter match needs such as a tripod, rangefinder, binoculars, shooting bag, and a rifle under 16 lbs.

For more tips on equipment see the NRL Hunter Brain dump here.

Apply to Run Your Own Match

The NRL Hunter One series is only able to grow if more match directors reach out and host this match. The NRL Hunter matches are hard to get a slot to direct a match however, this one day series still has a lot of room for growth. So don’t be scared to reach out to your club about hosting a match or if you have a club/land to host this kind of match, fill out a match application here. This application allows for both the 2023 and 2024 season to be applied for.

Below are the current matches available to be signed up for. Happy hunting!

nrl hunter one schedule

NRL Hunter currently has 4 matches on the docket for the remainder of the 2023 season. Sign up and more match information can be found on the schedule here.

Currently live for registration is the Tennessee match. Click here for sign up for that and for some information on how a one day match would run.


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