MultiCam Arid: The Desert Camouflage Solution

MultiCam Arid in the field.
June 22, 2023  
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MultiCam Arid is a variant of the renowned MultiCam pattern, developed by Crye Precision, that is specifically designed for usage in desert environments. MultiCam Arid caters to the modern military’s need for a versatile and efficient desert camouflage solution with its unique color palette and effective concealment capabilities.

MultiCam Arid

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Background of MultiCam Pattern

Initially designed in 2002, MultiCam was developed to cater to the United States Army’s requirement for an effective camouflage suitable for various environments, seasons, elevations, and light conditions. Though initially losing to the Universal Camouflage Pattern (UCP) in 2004, MultiCam gained prominence due to its remarkable performance in various field evaluations. It was gradually adopted for limited usage by US Army Special Forces.

MultiCam Arid in the field.

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In 2010, the US Army officially adopted MultiCam for its units deploying in Afghanistan as the Operation Enduring Freedom Camouflage Pattern (OEF-CP). Since then, MultiCam has garnered widespread acclaim and popularity among armed forces across the globe, leading to several licensed and unlicensed adaptations. Alongside its military use, MultiCam has also been made available for civilian sale.

Development and Features of MultiCam Arid

Announced in 2013, MultiCam Arid was developed to respond directly to the need for a highly effective desert camouflage solution. Its unique color palette consists of olive, highland, light tan, urban tan, and light coyote, making it ideally suited for environments primarily composed of sand and rock.

One of the key advantages of MultiCam Arid is that it shares parts of the main MultiCam pattern, allowing for seamless integration of MultiCam gear with MultiCam Arid apparel. This results in a well-coordinated and effective concealment system, enabling military personnel to blend into their surroundings without compromising safety or performance.

MultiCam Arid in the field.

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In addition to its visual concealment properties, MultiCam Arid also accounts for the challenging conditions of deserts. It effectively reduces individuals’ near-IR (infrared) signature, minimizing the risk of detection by devices such as night-vision goggles or infrared cameras.

Other MultiCam Variants

In addition to the Arid variant, MultiCam has spawned other specialized patterns designed for particular environments. These include:

MultiCam Tropic

Developed for dense jungle environments and areas with lush vegetation that remains minimally affected by seasonal changes, MultiCam Tropic enables effective concealment in such regions where traditional camouflage patterns might fall short.

Multicam Tropic

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MultiCam Alpine

Designed for snow-covered regions, MultiCam Alpine considers the unique requirements of these areas. Its white-centric pattern complements the surrounding snow and reduces the likelihood of detection by devices picking up the near-IR signature.

MultiCam Alpine

MultiCam Black

Specifically designed for police tactical units operating in high-risk environments, MultiCam Black meets the unique requirements of law enforcement personnel and projects a distinctly authoritative presence suitable for domestic operations.

MultiCam Black

Circling Back

MultiCam Arid is an outstanding solution for military personnel and other individuals requiring effective concealment in desert environments. Its unique color palette, seamless integration with the main MultiCam pattern, and consideration of desert-specific conditions make it the ultimate choice for desert camouflage.

With a proven track record in combat and successful evaluations, MultiCam Arid has established itself as the go-to pattern for those operating in arid regions worldwide. As the modern military continues to evolve and adapt to the ever-changing landscapes of warfare, MultiCam Arid, and other specialized variants serve as a testament to the importance of innovation in the field of military camouflage.

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    Very good artical, its amazing to see the progression of camo over the years from olive drab to woodland and then the desert pattern from the first gulf war, very good read. . .

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