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motorcycle carry
April 5, 2018  
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Guns, fast cars, big trucks, and motorcycles always seem to go together. When carrying a weapon every day, most use their own personal setup. But when using a motorcycle the EDC can change, especially since there are different types of 2 wheel transportation.

This article will deal only with handguns. So let’s see what types are available and what may work best for you.

Learn all about motorcycle concealed carry over on The Mag Life.


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Bob White

Bob White

About the Author

Cholla Bob is what many LEOs call a "Motor Jock" or a "Road Dog." He has been a cop for 17 years and was a Marine before that. Bob has served in numerous billets, including patrol of course, but also counter-narcotics, the gang unit, and of course the traffic unit. He was a firearms instructor in the Marine Corps and remains one now with his agency. Unlike most members of our tribe, he is quiet, unassuming, and seemingly very nice. He's like a particularly improbable alloy of Phil Esterhaus and Dexter Morgan, which leaves us conflicted about inviting him over for barbecue, but that doesn't mean he isn't good at his job! There's no denying that, which is why he has a place here in our ranks, and why we think you should consider learning from his company, Havoc Training Solutions (@havocshootingsolutions). Contact Bob White at support(at) if you want to get in on a class.


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