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mossberg 940 pro tactical with holosun red dot
| October 14, 2023
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Mossberg knows a thing or two about shotguns. After all, Mossberg produces more shotguns than any other American manufacturer. Their 500-series pump action models have been a standard of measure in commercial, law enforcement, and military circles worldwide. But Mossberg also makes a fair number of semi-automatic shotguns for field, competition, and defensive use. The Model 940 spans all three arenas through several models. For competition, hunting, and defense, the 940 Pro and Pro Tactical are worth a look.

The Mossberg 940 Pro

Pump shotguns are infinitely popular because of their simplicity and reliability. Semi-auto shotguns tend to require more maintenance and are notoriously ammo sensitive. That did not stop Mossberg from marketing their 930 autoloading shotgun. The 930 is fairly reliable but needs meticulous cleaning to keep running after constant use, particularly in a competition setting. Mossberg teamed up with Jerry and Lina Miculek to work out the bugs The 940 JM Pro debuted in 2020 to address some of the issues of competitive shooters. Unlike most initial offerings in the shotgun world, the 940 Pro was intended with competitors, not hunters, in mind. But Mossberg would follow up with the 940 Pro Field and Pro Turkey models shortly afterward.

mossberg 940 jm pro

The Mossberg 940 JM Pro is the original of the 940 family. It is meant to be run in competition and run hard. [OF Mossberg]

The 940 Pro is built to soften the recoil of the 12-gauge shell so you can shoot quickly.  It tips the scales at 7 3/4 pounds and has a muzzle-heavy nine-round tubular magazine paired with a 24-inch vent-rib barrel. The synthetic fore end is noticeably thinner than that on the 930 and has aggressive checkering, while the buttstock is adjustable and is backed up with a prominent rubber recoil pad. 

The magazine loading port at the bottom of the receiver has been flared to allow for rapid loading with quad-stacks of shells. The 940 Pro comes with an adjustable trigger stop to prevent overtravel and wasted time on the clock. The 940, like the 930, is a gas piston operated shotgun, but the piston and operating rod are nickel-boring coated for better corrosion and crud resistance. 

Additional Specs

  • Barrel Length: 24 inches
  • Overall Length: 44 3/8 inches
  • Capacity: 9+1
  • Caliber: 12- gauge (3 inch)
  • Action: Gas operated
  • Sights: Tapped receiver and fiber optic bead front sight
  • Choke: Briley removable choke tubes

The Mossberg 940 Pro Tactical

Slow firing and unreliability costs you when you are running against the clock on the square range. But the same is true in self-defense. In 2022, Mossberg introduced the 940 Pro Tactical for the law enforcement and commercial personal defense market. 

The 940 Pro Tactical has the same rapid-loading magazine and the same soft shooting characteristics of the gas piston operation and generous recoil pad–but shorter, with an overall length of only 37 inches.

mossberg 940 pro tactical

The Mossberg 940 Pro Tactical has the same soft-shooting characteristics of the JM Pro but it is adapted for personal protection and duty use. [OF Mossberg]

The Pro Tactical comes with a handy 18 1/2-inch barrel with a plain fiber optic front sight. The magazine is also abbreviated to a seven-round capacity. Unlike most defensive shotguns on the market, the Pro Tactical accepts choke tubes for the user to get the most out her buckshot patterns at greater distances. But from the factory, a slug and buckshot-neutral cylinder bore tube is already installed. The Pro Tactical also comes equipped with an M-Lock barrel clamp for mounting a weapons light or other accessories. Mossberg also produces a version of the Pro Tactical that comes with a receiver that is cut for an RMSc pattern red dot with a Holosun HS407K sight included. 

Parting Shots

Although it has only been available for a few years, the Mossberg 940 Pro series has proven itself to be among the few truly reliable semi-auto shotguns on the market. Small wonder that it came from the maker that knows pump shotguns. The 940 Pro is available for competition, tactical, and even hunting models. All of these are worth considering when you are on the hunt for your next scattergun. 


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