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| October 21, 2023
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MOLLE Is a big deal at Grey Man Tactical. The Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment system adopted by the military back in the early 2000s made personal equipment easily adaptable and customizable to the mission and the individual. Grey Man Tactical saw the potential for more than body-worn gear and became the manufacturer of Rigid MOLLE Panels™: A MOLLE adaptation that takes secure storage to the next level.

Our panels provide unlimited customization and durability for storing a variety of gear in your vehicle, case, safe, backpack, or really, wherever you need. Our RMP™ solution pairs with a variety of attachments, mounts, and fasteners for the safe storage of long guns, handguns, ammunition, and much, much more. Let’s explore what makes a great MOLLE attachment and what we have to offer your storage system.

MOLLE vs Rigid MOLLE Panels

There are some key differences in standard MOLLE attachments and attaching MOLLE gear to Grey Man Tactical’s Rigid MOLLE Panels (RMP) that you should be aware of.

Standard MOLLE gear is typically manufactured from soft nylon fabric and integrated into a wide variety of military and tactical equipment. This typically begins with a base item like a body armor vest or tactical backpack. MOLLE straps are added to the pack or in locations where the ability to add pouches is desired. This lets the user adapt his or her gear to meet organizational standards, specific mission needs, and personal comfort. The MOLLE system is truly ingenious, but we set out to make it even more dependable.

What are Rigid MOLLE Panels?

Grey Man Tactical’s Rigid MOLLE Panels are MOLLE-compatible, heavy-duty, rigid, polymer panels that mount to your vehicle’s interior, hang on your safe door, slide into your tactical pack, or store your gear wherever else you see fit. 

One of the most popular ways to use our Rigid MOLLE Panels is attached to seat-backs, under trunk lids, and under the folding seats of SUVs, trucks, or passenger vehicles. Once mounted, RMPs can hold a variety of MOLLE pouches or tools, including some of Grey Man Tactical’s own products. Fully outfitted our RMPs allow for quick-access storage of critical gear like rifles, shotguns, and extra ammunition while keeping them safely stored.

RMP Benefits

Unlike standard MOLLE panels, Rigid MOLLE Panels are truly rigid. Instead of being made from fabric, each RMP is manufactured in the USA from heavy-duty polymer. The panels can then be mounted using soft straps, or by directly mounting via ¼” screw attachment points around the perimeter of the panel. This provides a sturdy, stable platform that will hold heavy gear without fail. 

Vehicle Rifle Rack - Rubber Clamps + 15.25 X 25 RMP™

Attachments for MOLLE Panels

Attachments for Rigid MOLLE Panels are as varied as the gear they carry. The RMP can be loaded with all your essential gear. There are several considerations that should come into play when designing your system.

First and most obviously, what are you storing? This will play a big role in determining the setup you need, including the size of the panel, its storage capacity, and the best MOLLE attachments. Rigid MOLLE Panels can store just about any tactical gear you may need including rifles and shotguns, medical equipment, spare ammunition, and MOLLE admin pouches. What you are storing will also dictate some other considerations like security and safety.

Security and safety should always be considered when storing firearms. This is true for almost everyone; if you are a law enforcement officer you certainly don’t want to arm a bad guy by storing a rifle or shotgun carelessly. If you are a citizen the utmost care is required to ensure that your firearm does not become a danger to your (or other) children. When security is a concern, Grey Man Tactical offers a number of very secure, RMP-compatible locking rifle racks including the Scottlock, the Raptor Buffer Tube Mount, and the SC-6 Mount. Any of these should give you peace of mind that your rifle will still be in your car when you get back to it.

Security may generally be less of a concern for military personnel but safety still matters to everyone. In the event of something like a vehicle rollover, you want to be sure your gear is stored securely. The rifle storage options from Grey Man Tactical ensure that rifles and shotguns are firmly mounted, muzzle up or down, to the vehicle’s seatback.

Finally, organization is always an important consideration. Your gear will be stored more cleanly, with easy access. Using an RMP with MOLLE pouches is the ultimate in organization. The RMP allows you to take unused space, like your seatback or under a backseat, and turn it into a well-organized storage area for mission-critical gear.

Vehicle Rifle Rack - Buttstock Cup Kit + Rubber Clamp + 15.25 X 25 RMP™

Attachment Compatibility for Rigid MOLLE Panels

For the MOLLE attachment system to work, all components have to meet some pretty rigid criteria. For example, a mag pouch with a proprietary distance between its MOLLE straps wouldn’t attach to most vests or backpacks. Likewise, a vest or backpack with irregularly spaced MOLLE webbing wouldn’t work with most MOLLE accessories.

The RMP is a continuous grid of MOLLE attachment points, making it worth it with all the MOLLE-compatible gear you already own – just thread the MOLLE attachment straps through like you would on a vest or MOLLE pack. 

Manufactured with higher-quality material, Rigid MOLLE Panels are going to be thicker than your standard MOLLE. Therefore, not all MOLLE pouches will fit on our thicker panel. The good news is, we offer a variety of universal straps to incorporate virtually any pouch or attachment on our Rigid Panels. Check out our straps and rest easy in the ability to mount any and every piece of gear.

  • WTFix Straps™ – Convert any style MOLLE pouch to fit our RMP systems with high-quality, easy-to-use WTFix Straps™ in black or tan.
  • Hook & Loop Cinch Straps – Our Hook & Loop Cinch Straps mount a variety of gear from medical supplies, to flashlights, and even rifles. Choose from a variety of sizes to fit your tools.
  • Shockloops – For a truly universal and simple storage solution, Shockloops can secure just about anything you need for your system.

GMT’s Pre-Configured Systems with All the Attachments You Could Need

Pre-configured packages: 201, 204, 501, 401, 301.

While you can build your own system one piece at a time, there are some advantages to buying a pre-configured RMP system from Grey Man Tactical. First, they are less expensive than buying a piece-by-piece system. Take the #201 Vehicle Rifle Rack, for instance. At $244 this kit contains a 15.25 x 25” RMP a two-piece rifle mount, two magazine pouches, a large tactical pouch, and all the attachments needed to mount the plate to your seatback, a savings of almost $50. 

The other benefit of the pre-configured system is that they are put together in the most popular options for configurations that are proven to work. Kit #202, for example, is an efficient and unique design, popular among law enforcement officers. It contains everything you need to store a rifle muzzle up with our Buttstock Cup Kit, as well as two magazines and a large admin pouch. You can still customize your preconfigured kit because there is still plenty of room on the RMP to mount additional pouches, as well.

Pre-configured packages come in a variety of efficient configurations. Not only are Rigid MOLLE Panels for vehicles, but you’ll also find pre-configured packages for gun case lids, UTVs, and even backpacks. The #401 Universal Concealed Carry Package is a backpack insert that includes a tactical pack-sized RMP of your choice, a MOLLE holster, and a double magazine pouch. Systems also get much bigger – all the way up to dual-seatback systems with a locking rifle rack, helmet, and plate carrier storage, along with plenty more.

Build Your Own Systems with the Best MOLLE Attachments

Best MOLLE Attachments. Rifle, Mags, Medical Equipment, Store any piece of equipment.

If a preconfigured system doesn’t meet your needs, you can design the perfect solution for yourself. Doing so is fairly straightforward. First, start with a Rigid MOLLE Panel. This should be sized to your intended mounting location. The most typical locations are vehicle seatbacks, trunk lids, folding seats, the lids of Pelican cases, and inside backpacks

Next, choose the accessories you need to load out your RMP. Grey Man Tactical offers everything you need to build the perfect setup. We generally recommend that you start with the biggest item first and configure other pouches around it. Usually, this will be a rifle. There are a couple of rifle options aside from the locking racks we saw earlier. 

Our most popular option is the buttstock cup kit which cradles the butt of the rifle, storing it up, while the forend is held in place by a Buckle Multi-Purpose strap or a Toggle Quick Release shock cord. You can also store your rifle using our Quick Fist Buffer Tube clamp and Quick Fist Handguard clamp.These allow for muzzle-up or down storage, and quick access.

MOLLE and Accessories for Sale

tactical Lookin’ for a MOLLE or accessories for sale? Here ya go!

Grey Man Tactical also carries magazine pouches to keep your long guns running. Some of our most popular options are Blackhawk Triple magazine pouches and G-Code Soft-Shell Scorpion mag pouches. If your magazine pouches are on a plate carrier, fear not! The Tough Hook Kit is a hanger for your plate carrier. Made of a heavy and durable material this will keep your plate rack and all its related gear right where you need it.

Finally, there is a huge variety of general-purpose, admin, utility, and medical pouches. Utility pouches can be used to store all the stuff that isn’t a rifle, magazine, or medical gear. The GMT Large Utility Pouch is a great example. This American-made pouch can store all of your small items like extra batteries, GPS units, loose ammunition, cleaning gear, etc.

Grey Man Tactical also offers some outstanding medical kits. A great example is GMT’s own Tear Away Medical Pouch. The pouch comes with a mounting panel that attaches to your RMP. The back of the medical kit attaches to it with hook/pile tape. Load the pouch up with medical gear and when you need it in a hurry simply grab it, rip it out, and go.


Grey Man Tactical’s Rigid MOLLE Panels truly are the perfect vehicle long-gun and gear storage solution for police officers, military operators, or prepared citizens. Take control of whatever gear you wish to keep easily accessible and safe with Rigid MOLLE Panels and our wide selection of MOLLE attachments. Contact us to learn more about building your personal storage solution.

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