The Field of Flags | Memorial Day 2019

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For 16 years the Buffalo Chip in Sturgis South Dakota has been building a “Field of Flags” to honor all branches of the United States Military and especially those who have fallen in service to our country.

Memorial Day Pics: the "Field of Flags" at Sturgis, courtesy of the Buffalo Chip
The Gold Star flag, representing all members of Gold Star Families and their loss in service to our nation. The Gold Star and Blue Star tradition began over a century ago.

The ceremony, which invites guests both

Veterans and civilians alike are invited to have a hand in placing the flags on the field, a ceremony that has traditionally been conducted over the Independence Day weekend. This year, however, Buffalo Chip owner Rod Woodruff decided to hold it on Memorial Day weekend.

Buffalo Chip Field of Flags (Memorial Day Pictures)

Buffalo Chip Field of Flags (Memorial Day Pictures)

This year the ceremony had over a hundred volunteers paying respects to each branch of service, all Gold Star Families, and MIA and POW personnel as well. The 2019 service saw 800 flags planted on the field, after which the group headed indoors to enjoy dinner and drinks along with live music provided by the Buffalo Chip. 

Memorial Day Images: the Buffalo Chips Saloon "Field of Flags"

Memorial Day Images: the Buffalo Chips Saloon "Field of Flags"

Memorial Day Images: the Buffalo Chips Saloon "Field of Flags"

If you’d like to know more about the Gold Star Family tradition, or better yet if you’re looking for someone you can support in even a small way, visit the America Gold Star Families website.

Buffalo Chip Field of Flags (Memorial Day Pictures)

Rod Woodruff’s Buffalo Chip Saloon is also online, as of course is the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.


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