Mechanix: from Racing to Recon & Tactical to the Trades

Provengo recently announced a new style of “Thin Blue Line” Mechanix Wear gloves. It’s just the latest in a loooong line of glove types and styles. We figured we’d use this excuse to give you some background on Mechanix, since not everyone is familiar with their past. And hey, they’ll make a great gift for St. Valentine’s Day!

Mechanix Gloves (formally, Mechanix Wear Gloves) have been around for nearly 30 years now. Invented by a race mechanic involved in the Daytona 500 (not a Death Race, more’s the pity), they made their first appearance in 1991. The inventor wanted gloves that would withstand punishment but remain dextrous enough that he could wield all those pit crew tools unhindered.

Mechanix Gloves Racing

Mechanix Gloves - tactical


Mechanix Wear Gloves

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Mechanix Wear

That mix of durability and agility clearly worked. Jim Hale’s Mechanixwear Gloves are all but ubiquitous these days, showing up everywhere from tactical shops to the local hardware store. They call it the “…tool that fits like a glove.” They build gloves for people tilling the garden, for folks running a tractor, and for dudes mule-kicking doors and tossing flashbangs. It’s a hell of a range, really.

Mechanix Gloves

Headquartered in Valencia, CA, Mechanix Wear gloves were first used by the Richard Childress Racing GM Goodwrench team. They’re no doubt being worn as you read this by everyone from first responders and military personnel to blue-collar badasses of every profession. Hale, who passed away last year, left quite a legacy.

As you’ll see while working through the sections below, there is a lot of crossover from one glove type to another. We’ve seen ranchers wearing tactical gloves and patrol officers wearing leather gloves to work crashes. Just do a little research to find the ones that will work for you best (assuming you determine Mechanix Wear is the way to go in the first place).

Tactical Gloves

The most popular Mechanix Gloves in our world are their tactical line. As of this writing, there are 9 models of tactical glove offered by MW, including the 0.5mm Covert, Recon, Pursuit D5, and others.



Tactical Specialty gloves:

Mechanix M-Pact

If their tactical gloves are the most popular with most of our contributors (and readers), the M-Pact runs a close second.


MW M-Pact gloves:

M-PACT Gloves by Mechanix Wear


Work Gloves

You can work in pretty much any glove MW makes, but some are better suited for particular jobs than others. For instance, their M-Pact gloves might be what you need if you’re on a road crew; their M-Pact ODs might be more what a patrolling gyrene needs. MW offers Hi-Viz, Impact Resistant, and Cut Resistant work gloves to address most conceivable needs.


Mechanix Gloves


MW Work Gloves:

Mechanix Gloves


Cold Weather Work Gloves

Mechanix has a variety of cold weather work gloves available (including high viz).

Cold Weather Work Gloves - Mechanix Wear


Cold Weather Work Gloves from Mechanix Gloves


As MW describes it,

“When the mercury drops the body fights to retain heat whether you’re shoveling the season’s first snow or heading to the jobsite when you’d rather be inside. Heat retention is critical in cold work environments, but not just any winter work glove will do. Mechanix Wear’s Cold Weather gloves provide a range of protection from light insulation to heavyweight 3M Thinsulate and waterproof glove technology so you’re always one step ahead of the cold.”

Cold weather work gloves from Mechanix


Mechanix Wear - cold weather work gloves

Mechanix Fast Fit

Fast Fit gloves are intended for military use, LEOs, shooting sports, and high dexterity maintenance/repair work.

Mechanix Gloves


MW says,

“The next generation of FastFit tactical gloves are here. Take control with high-dexterity 0.6mm synthetic leather and stay connected with full touchscreen technology in the palm of your hands. The FastFit delivers an unmatched fit with TrekDry™ evaporative cooling, and rugged carrier loops for storage in the field.”

Mechanix Gloves


Shooting Gloves

You can shoot in just about any glove. The question is, how well can you shoot, and how much manual dexterity do you maintain?

Mechanix Wear - Tactical Gloves


MW’s “Specialty Vent” gloves are intended to address this.


Mechanix Gloves - tactical gloves


Mechanix Gloves Sizes

MW’s sizing chart can be found via a link at the bottom of the site (it’s on every page).


Mechanix Gloves Sizing
Mechanix Gloves Sizing – there’s an interactive, downloadable chart at the bottom of the website.

All About Mechanix Gloves

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