Mean Gene Leather Now Available in Dirty Grey

Mean Gene Leather is adding “Dirty Grey” to the color options in their lineup. Belt, mag pouches, holsters — all can now be had in grey. This includes the inimitable Holster Burrito, which is the only quality universal holster (made of dead critter) we know of.

The MGL Holster Burrito (OWB version) will hold pretty much any of the standard medium- to large-framed handguns out there; remember they’re designed for a weapon with a light mounted on it. Some of what they’ll fit include: G34, G19, G17, FN509, FNX45, FNS9, Sphinx SDP9, Sig221, M&P9, M&P VTAC, STI DVC Tactical, 1911 with rail, or CZP-09 equipped with SureFire X300 or Streamlight TLR1. It’s a damn nice rig, though not one you’ll want to leave sitting in a chair in your office if you’re breaking in a rescue puppy.

Ask us how we know.

The IWB Holster Burrito will fit G42, G43, G26, G27, M&P Shield, or similarly sized blasters. Note that it is designed to run with or without the Streamlight TLR6 (on your G42/G43, and Shield). They use a patent pending design and the same heat treated springs  from MBL Magazine Burritos to provide positive retention. It’s a nice holster, though perhaps not suited for members of PETA or NAMBLA.

Mean Gene Leather now available in Dirty Grey.

Note: if you’re gonna go buy something, use our discount code. It’s MG-DUO17, gets you 10% off. We don’t make a commission on that, we’re just doing you a solid.

Now, some of you pervs are going to assume what you see below is a sex toy. It’s not. Not intentionally, anyway. This is a Sentinel SBR bag in progress (named for Sentinel Concepts, who had a hand in its design).

Mean Gene and Steve Fisher (Mean Gene Leather and Sentinel Concepts).

Here’s a shot of the man at work.

To learn more, check out the Mean Gene Leather websiteor  Sentinel Concepts websitevisit the – or do both! 

Mean Gene Leather

Remember: use coupon code MG-DUO17 for 10% off anything in the store. Limit two uses per customer.

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