Massif’s Inversion Base Layers Made With New Flame Resistant Fabric

Massif Inversion Base Layers
| September 8, 2020
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My first introduction to Massif was way back in 2011 at SHOT Show in a chance meeting on the show floor. They had some combat shirts with a jersey knit still body that really piqued my interest. It turns out they are both a fabric mill and a manufacturer of a ton of Flame Resistant (FR) clothing.

I know just how important FR clothing is because I have seen pictures of homemade moisture wicking combat shirts using Under Armor shirts as the base that have been through a vehicle fire after an IED. No-melt, no-drip is a very important thing when you don’t want to have your melted shirt debrided from your burnt skin.

Inversion Base Layers

We recently received a press release on their newest fabric technology that they have spun out into a line of base layers.

The Inversion Base Layer Shirts Come in Light And Mid Weight As Well As Crew And T-Shirt

The Inversion Base Layer shirts come in light and mid-weight as well as crew and T-shirts.

The textile team at Massif worked to create a tri-blend fabric that apparently has a great range of motion along with being Flame Resistant. They managed to achieve this through a special blend of yarn and spandex. Not only does it do those in spades but it is apparently pretty damn soft feeling.

New Flame Resistant Material, as Described by Massif

“Sweat is rapidly wicked away from the body through a superior moisture-management system scientifically engineered for faster dry times. This results in a highly breathable garment that allows the wearer to fully focus on the mission. To top it all off, industry-leading pill resistance combined with an advanced antimicrobial platform significantly boosts long-term wearability”

The Bottoms Also Come In Light And Mid Weight

The bottoms also come in light and mid-weight.

Antimicrobial and moisture wicking is fairly important when you might be living in the same clothing for weeks at a time. Not only that, it apparently gets more comfortable when washed and comes in at a fantastic price point. Available in Tan 499 and 498 along with several different weights to choose from. We are picking up a couple to check out and will let you know what we think later. We also have plans on checking out a bit of history on the company and what goes into the gear they make.

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