Because Operator – Low Profile Mission Recorder ( LPMR )

Because Operator LMPR attached to helmet
| June 27, 2019
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The folks at Because Operator have been focused on making a solid night vision recording device for as long as I have known them. One of their most notable products is the LPMR.

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Here are the details about the Because Operator Low Profile Mission Recorder (LPMR) in their words:

Designed in house to be incredibly minimalistic and intuitive, we set out to build the most low profile, highest image quality, and light(est) weight recorder to date.

Because Operator Low Profile Mission Recorder (LMPR) night vision device

More than a night vision camera: Because Operator Low Profile Mission Recorder (LMPR).

With a PVS-14 you are still keeping a light, handy setup with the ability to record your shenanigans

The LPMR clips on to the eyecup retaining ring on a PVS 14, 15, 31. A large percentage of military, police, and civilian units can use it because it clips onto any device using the same eyecup retaining ring. It is capable of taking up to a 128 gig micro SD card, netting 19 hours of recording. The recorder is powered by your choice of an external USB power bank, and the weight is focused on the front of the helmet.

LPMR Because Operator night vision device

The LPMR nets up to 19 hours of recording.

The LMPR almost blends in on the PVS-31

The night vision unit records in 1-minute segments. So even if you experience a total power failure to the unit, you will not lose the files up to the time of failure. The unit is also able to record audio. It’s a perfect unit for night training, lessons learned, or for after-action reports from places-you-can’t-speak-about-without-killing-people. It might even be cool to record your big night-time hog hunt as a memento.

LPMR attatched to Sentinel

LPMR attatched to Sentinel: do you have a recording option with your night vision equipment? 

More about the Because Operator LPMR

If you want to pick one up for personal use or unit orders head on over to TNVC. TNVC’s site also has a bit more info (like the video below, which demonstrates the units recording abilities).


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