LowPro Mag and Cuff Carrier from 4LEOs

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On the odd occasion, we get released to find cool new shit. Sometimes we do. Other times what we turn up is just garbage, whether poorly built or designed by the Good Idea Fairy. Thankfully this is not one of the latter. Today we look at something that left a couple of our PNW minions shaking their heads and asking, Why the fuck didn’t we think of that?

It’s not an Oh-My-Gawd level piece of ingenuity. Other manufacturers are doing similar things, or have products we’ve used in a similar fashion, but it is nice to have another option — especially one that allows us to support small business.


In short, this is a small, lightweight mag pouch/cuff-case in one; it’s made of elastic with two hook & lo– (fuck it…it’s Velcro) belt loops.  It will accommodate virtually any pistol mag, plus a set of standard cuffs, even the fur-lined (and stinky) ones Stafford keeps in the “secret drawer” in his office.  The larger of the two pouches will also hold a cell phone or even a small IFAK.  When empty, it’s so light and flexible it’s barely noticeable. When loaded, it will conform to your waist, making it comfortable to wear in a number of positions around your “tactical girth”.  It is ideal for UC work, plain-clothes and off-duty carry.  It will no doubt be useful in similar fashion for armed civilians and other non-sworn types. We’re sure there are a number of items you could stow in the additional pouch; in fact, get creative and let us know.


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What makes this story even more cool is the background of the guy who came up with the idea. An immigrant from Cuba, his name is Giddel Casadeus and he’s a Federal LEO from down in the hot and swampy southeast. Prior to becoming a Fed, he worked in local LE and before that served as a US Marine. Honestly, when we first met him we just thought he talked funny. As it turns out, the dude has a pretty impressive resume and is a burgeoning entrepreneur whose products are all made in the USA.


And yes, for those of you who are wondering, we are hitting him up for some bootlegged Cuban smokes.

Have a look at his site: http://4leos.com. On Facebook here.

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Today’s article was brought to you by Propper International, a member of JTF Awesome.

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One thought on “LowPro Mag and Cuff Carrier from 4LEOs

  • June 24, 2016 at 10:54 pm

    If he starts putting out double and triple pistol mag pouches, he’s got my business!


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