Listen Up Ladies: stiffer IS better

Wherein burgeoning new shooter and awesome photog Natalie Cake talks about the Aegis belt from Ares Gear.

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Finally, a belt that was made for me.

Until I got my hands on my new Ares Gear Aegis Belt, I was completely convinced that my endless fight to find a well-fitting pair of women’s work pants was a loss. Was it because the garment industry is completely oblivious to the female figure? Is it that a woman’s body is so much of a conundrum that designing a well fitting pant has been written off as a lost cause? Alas!

Thankfully after spending three days on the range shooting a combative pistol class and running a variety of waist mounted gear systems for comparison I found that the right belt could fix the pants issue. On a normal day at the range I often find myself adjusting my waist and hiking up my pants because of their perceived poor fit. Even with other belts, I found myself bouncing back and forth between tightening my belt to keep my gear (and pants) in place and running my belt too loose and having my pants sag. The former is uncomfortable; the latter allows my gear to shift around.

The Aegis Belt is a serious game changer for me.

Listen up ladies, Ares Gear got it right. Stiffer is better. Since my trial and test of the Aegis Belt it has become my go to for everything from every day carry to long days on the range. Aside from its transformative qualities, making my clothing comply with my body, its simple but effective buckle hardware enables an easy-on easy-off for when you want to drop trou and/or swap belt mounted gear.

I’m not a belt scientist like the pros at Ares Gear, but the stiff form of the belt provides enough rigidity for support but without creating so much as to create discomfort. I have tried other “stiff form” belts but was left disappointed. None of them delivered the same eureka! moment the Aegis Belt delivered. On a scale from one to Apocalypse Now, this one smells like napalm in the morning.

Photos:  Mad Duo Kim from Breach Bang Clear is modeling a black on black Aegis Belt.

BBC & Graham CombatBBC & Graham CombatBBC & Graham Combat

About the author: Natalie Cake is a pretty bad ass photographer who has recently begun her journey to mastering both rifle and pistol in accordance with Bun Bu Ryo. An avid motorcyclist and outdoorswoman, she particularly enjoys time spent on ranges that have phonebooks to stand on.

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