Life, Love and Flyfishing: WWII Veteran Frank Moore

frank moore fly fishing
| August 30, 2015
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This video is nearly half an hour long. Don’t blow it off. Invest the time and listen to Frank Moore. Mad Duo

Frank Moore 2

Life, Love and Flyfishing: WWII Veteran Frank Moore

David “Mad Duo David” Reeder

Mr. Moore isn’t just a man who “stalks the wily trout,” nor is he just a WWII combat veteran who survived Omaha Beach (though that’s something that automatically demands my respect). He’s a man who seems to have achieved something very few of us ever do — happiness and satisfaction with life. He says this despite some great tragedies, like the death of his daughter in an MVA with drunk driver and recurring guilt over fighting 11- and 12-year old boys so thoroughly indoctrinated by Nazis they would not surrender.

Frank Moore 4

“I realize now the closer I get to the end of my life, that I have had a darn near perfect life and..I’ve realized too, no matter how old you get you never want to stop dreaming. Dreaming that you can be and can do.”

According to one TEDx organizer, he nearly backed out of his appearance twice. I’m grateful he reconsidered. This is more than a love story and far more poignant than some “motivational speech.”

Mr. Moore was 91 when he made his appearance at the Keller Auditorium. He’s a veteran of the 83rd Infantry Division and 3rd Army who took part in the D-Day landings at Normandy and fought his way across Europe to the Hurtgen Forest in a line company. He was present for the liberation of Dachau, and spent time in 3rd Army HQ (Forward) with Gen. Patton.

Mr. Moore during WW2

Mr. Moore during WW2

He returned home in the summer of ’45 via Camp Myles Standish in Boston and eventually became proprietor of the Steamboat Inn. He remains to this day an “ambassador of the North Umpqua.” Moore has been married to his pre-War sweetheart Jeanne for over 70 years. That is the central theme of his discourse: the greatest gift he ever received, says Mr. Moore, came January 1st, 1943, when Jeanne said I do and became Mrs. Frank Moore.

Frank Moore Life Love Flyfishing 3

 “There is no impossible dream if you work hard at it. And another thing you must work hard at is the art of living. Living is an art, and it’s not easy sometimes. No matter how tired you get…I’m not gonna quit as long as I can stand…Don’t be afraid of receiving love.”

There’s nothing I could add to the simple, heartfelt elegance of this man’s words, so I won’t try. I hope you watch the video.

Frank Moore 3

Frank is still making himself heard. As recently as two weeks ago he spoke on behalf of the Wild Steelhead Foundation. I reckon we can all learn something from a man like this.

You can read about Frank’s flyfishing here.

That’s it for now. Go forth and conquer.

Frank Moore Life Love Flyfishing 2

Frank Moore Life Love Flyfishing 1

Frank Moore


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  1. JESullivan

    BEAUTIFUL!!! MY KIND OF SOLDIER…MY KIND OF MAN. Makes me proud to be the prodigy of such great AMERICANS! and to be a Soldier for Life.


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