Knight and Vickers in Vegas – Hunter S. Thompson It’s Not

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January 18, 2017  
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Knight and Vickers in Vegas

Hunter S. Thompson It Is Not

Chad Lemme

If I might quote some scripture from The Book of Fear & Loathing, the late, self-proclaimed Doctor of Journalism Hunter S. Thompson referred to Las Vegas as, “…the vortex of the American Dream.”

It’s hard to argue with that notion hearing the piercing scream of a live bald eagle within arms-reach, smack in the middle of the 2017 Shot Show. This is it. We have found the vibrant pulse of freedom, and it is a whole spectrum of sweet.

There really was a Bald Eagle at the show. He was chillin’ at the Gerber Gear booth.

Aside from the lavish hotels, though, and the splendidly kitschy casinos packed wall to wall with freaks and their twisted fantasies lies something more real. Here too, if for only a week in January, gather the greatest, most innovative minds behind the American war machine dedicated to securing the freedom we all too often take for granted.

Here I had the rare opportunity to shake hands with, and stand alongside two such individuals, two men who have each played enormous roles in that very fight. It was a true honor.

While wandering aimlessly through the Knight’s Armament booth I turned and saw the man himself: C. Reed Knight Jr. And he was about to commence a book signing with none other than a longstanding veteran of the Special Operations Community, Larry Vickers. Neither of these men need an introduction, and I doubt I could do them any justice even if I tried.

>What an opportunity. Needless to say, I bought a book, and waited anxiously to have it signed by both of them. I will never forget this moment as long as I live. I’ve spent time with many celebrities, in many different facets, and rarely do I get ‘star-struck.’ But in the company of such fine gentlemen, who have committed their entire existence to the fight for our freedom, I found myself incredibly humbled. I look up to men of this caliber far more than I do rock gods or movie stars, and that will never change.

It should go without saying that the book being released by Mr. Vickers is outstanding at worst, showcasing the early history of the AR-15. Its simple cover led me to notice the words ‘Volume 1’ at first glance. I would be lying if I said that I didn’t immediately thank the gods that we get to look forward to second volume, or possibly more.

The book is a beautiful pictorial beginning with Eugene Stoner’s idea all the way through the A2 Carbine (Model 723) used by American Special Operations Forces in the early 90s. There is also a nice foreword by C. Reed Knight Jr., eloquently summing up his relationship with Eugene Stoner, from idea to conception, and all the way through their legacy. The photos are large and detailed, and the accompanying text displays all variants and manufacturing information, the likes of which a clone geek or history buff could stare at for hours on end.

I will shamelessly admit that I am both.

This all happened within my first few hours of Shot ’17. I’m anxious to see what the rest of the week has in store. I doubt much of anything could beat my encounter yesterday, but I have my fingers crossed, and my expectations high. If you need me, I’ll be riding the freedom train straight through the heart of Vegas.

More to follow.

You can read more about the book here on Soldier Systems Daily.

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