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kdg apparition pack
| September 4, 2017
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This article brought to you today in part by Propper Apparel (@wearpropper); fifty years of service and nowhere near finished.

Kinetic Development Group Apparition Bag

Big Joe Neuroth

Kinetic Development Group released what they’re calling the Apparition Bag a few months back. I got mis manos on one earlier this summer when I figured out Nate Murr loves Marlboro Reds. First question outta the gate — doesn’t Grey Ghost Gear have something like this? Why yes, yes they do. One might even think GG built both versions! This version was specced out by KDG however, with minor changes including color and logo placement.

I’m not a fan of bright flashy colors, but KDG seems to have done it right with this colorway. You can’t really tell the difference between the Apparition pack and normal pack built for hiking, which is of course the point. This bag will blend in like you wouldn’t believe, should you find yourself in a crowd of hipsters or a barista convention.

Kinetic Development Group Apparition Bag

If you, like me, ever lived in an apartment, you know the kind of looks you can get humping your gear out to the truck (which is also a security risk). I’d have loved to rock an Apparition back then.

Kinetic Development Group Apparition Pack

It doesn’t take much imagination to think of who might be able to use a pack like this. Undercover LEOs, motorcycle riders, someone planning a surprise party for Antifa, or just folks who keep “get home bags” in their vehicles. Lots of options.

Kinetic Development Group Apparition Pack

Here are some basic specs. There’s are a couple more thorough video overviews below.

  • Approximately 1200 cubic inches of overall capacity
  • The main pocket is 27 inches without the extended bottom
  • The main pocket is 33 inches with the extended bottom
  • Is hydration compatible

The carbine in these photos has a 16-inch barrel and a folding stock adapter from LAW Tactical. Having the folding stock adapter on an AR15 orM4 with a 16 in. or shorter barrel makes for a perfect fit without having to use the extended bottom of the pack.

Not that there’s anything wrong with extended bottoms.

Rifles that have been SBRed, and of course pretty much any AR15 pistol, will fit in the Apparition perfectly.

You can purchase the bag directly from Kinetic Development Group here.

Side note: if you’re interested in a Law Tactical folding stock adaptor, my first stop would be Brownells. They have some of the best prices I’ve seen, as well as putting them on sale pretty often. You can find them right here.

But in all seriousness, if you’re in the market for a discrete rifle bag give this a second look.

This article was made in part by Leupold (@leupoldoptics), a member of JTF Awesome.

Leupold Optics – accurate, rugged, and now customizable.

 Big Joe


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