inforce wmlx review
| March 25, 2015
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There are a lot of weapon light options out there–several good and about a million bad. Inforce revamped their older model and our minions have been putting it through the paces. Check out the INFORCE WMLX Weapon Light.


Some of our minions have been using INFORCE WML weapon lights for several years now, and found it to be a great all purpose illumination tool. With built in picatinny mount, light 3 oz fiber composite body and impressive 200 lumen output from a single CR123 battery, it’s a go-to light. INFORCE products are great for the money, and afford many the opportunity to mount lights on all their firearms without taking out a loan.

So of course, we wanted to try out their new WMLx, an extended version of the popular WML. The WMLx boasts a fixed 500 lumens of light output from two CR123 lithium batteries, whereas the standard WML throws 200 lumens. Although this greater amount of light might not be for everyone, its a great option for those that desire a stronger beam for distance.


The run time has also been increased with the WMLx, giving the user a full two hours. It’s only one ounce heavier than its little brother, weighing in at a scant four ounces. The WMLx is full of features we feel many shooters look for, many of which are well suited for a long gun light.

At only 5.34” long, the WMLx takes up little space on the forearm, and even less with it mounted as far forward as possible. The head rotates for a lock out, preventing inadvertent activation. This is further backed up by a swing-up style gate, which protects the pressure switch. White light NDs are at least embarrassing and at worst fatal. When traveling, the two lock outs also ensure you don’t melt your case or bag, should the switch be activated by a bump.


Addressing some of our minions’ protests, along the left side of the flashlight’s body, there is a simple throw lever mechanism to switch between constant on or momentary only. This is a huge improvement over the older style of WML we’ve used, as it was prone to being bumped into constant on during rapid strings of fire. The lever can be kept in “momentary” position for clearing a house, and then rotated to constant on for administrative tasks and site exploitation.  Even when in in, ‘Constant On’ mode, the light can be regulated.


The beam itself is tight and concentrated, even at distance. For those who use a patrol rifle in rural environments, this would be a great choice. Indoors we found the light to be perfectly usable. Some feel that brighter lights throw too much light when inside small rooms and that can result in several issues, such as washing out your optic’s reticule. While we agree the 200 or 150 lumen WML would be better suited for this role, we were still able to effectively shoot indoors with the WMLx. The greater lumen output makes a world of difference in larger structures like warehouses or in a forest, so for a shooter that needs a weapon light for both CQB and distance the WMLx would be a great pick.



The last feature of note is the ability to disable the 500 lumen strobe feature built into the light. Through a very simple sequence, this feature can be disabled per the shooter’s preference. Simply put, some people like strobes and some don’t. But that’s an argument for another day. 


Light, durable, affordable and easy to use, the WML series has made a good name in the tactical illumination world. The angle of the rear illumination switch is comfortable, and easy to engage regardless of your shooting technique. There are no tape switches or sharp angles to catch or snag, and the light is easily attached to just about every type of long gun. You can uses all the features of this light easily with or without gloves, which is another big perk of the design.


You can check out the WMLx and other INFORCE products here, on their website. Be sure to open their technical specifications page for each light to get more comprehensive facts. If you are in the market for a new weapon light, give INFORCE a hard look and tell us about your experience with their products in the comment section below.

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  1. ryan

    Had to send two of there sand colored lights back for cracking along the top (and hadn’t really put them to hard use). I was told by the manufacturer that the sand is weaker than the other colors due to some difference in the material. They upgraded my light and told me they would send my the graphite. I was pleased until they sent me a sand one again. Called them and asked what happened and was told that they didn’t have the one I was promised in stock and they had to manufacture it. I love the concept but if the graphite doesn’t hold up then I may just stick with aluminum weapon lights such as sure fire.

    • Mad Duo Merrill

      Darker polymers are often stronger (goes for Bulgarian waffle AK mags, PMags etc). Maybe because they can put more reinforcement in them without dicking up the color?

      • ryan

        More than likely. When I finally get it, it won’t take long for me to find out.


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