Industrial Revolution | SHOT Show 2020

Industrial Revolution Booth SHOT Show 2020
February 4, 2020  
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One of the first stops I usually make at SHOT is at the Industrial Revolution booth. Industrial Revolution is your one-stop-shop for MoraKniv, UCO, Esbit and they even sell compact tripods from Pedco. This year they showcased an alternative sheath for the Garberg, a mess kit from UCO, and the new Sprout+ lantern.

Floating Knife

Mora showed off this sibling to the Floating Serrated Knife and we’ve got to say: if you spend any time around water this might be a knife for you.

MoraKniv Floating Sport Knife

The MoraKniv Floating Knife.

With its cork handle, the knife weighs next to nothing. And it floats — as the name suggests. If you have never owned a MoraKniv knife before then you have to try one. They are one of the best bangs for the buck you can get in knives. The blades come atom-splitting sharp and are very well thought out.

Garberg Sheath Options

This year came with the release of an alternate sheath for the Garberg. You can now get a Leather Sheath, MultiMount or the new Poly Sheath. The new PolySheath knife set coming in $20-$30 cheaper than the other options.

MoraKniv Alternate Garberg Sheath

MoraKniv Alternate Garberg Sheath.

Six Piece Mess Kit

UCO expanded on their mess kit line with the new 6 Piece Mess Kit. The 6 Piece Kit comes with a plate, bowl, collapsible cup, switch spork and tether to hold it all together.

UCO 6 Piece Mess Kit

The UCO 6 Piece Mess Kit includes: plate, bowl, Camp Cup, Switch Spork, and tether.

The color above is the Venture colorway and looks pretty slick in person. The Switch Spork isn’t a true Spork but instead combines some really smart features. First of all the knife isn’t attached to the fork so you can cut something while holding it down. The two halves attach together to form a long spoon for those who eat from MRE’s or freeze-dried meals.

Rechargeable Lantern

We despise having to change out the batteries in our gear. You never seem to have the battery you want floating around the junk drawer despite you remembering you bought an entire pack of them recently. The Sprout+ joins the Sprout lantern line by adding a rechargeable pack inside.

UCO Sprout+ Rechargeable Lantern

With a push-button control, the UCO Sprout+ Rechargeable Lantern can be dimmed or boosted (up to 100 lumens), or it can be switched to a blue moonlight setting.

The pack can be removed and plugged into a USB cable to give it some juice. Don’t worry it also runs on AAA batteries if you want to go that route on occasion. The tether that attaches to the top is held on by a magnet, so it can be attached to your tent, popped off the tether, and brought to the picnic table to make some s’mores.

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